Blue Sky, Blue Ocean, Blue Bleu Wag

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by Zofia Lewandowska

Do you like the colour blue? I love it, it’s like the sea, the ocean or the sky. You can lie on the ground in the grass and watch the blue sky and the clouds moving fast or slow. You can watch and listen to the birds… Well, now I have great news because we have another blue place in Columtreal, somewhere alongside the place where I live and where education and wisdom lie.

Love Goes by Stomach

The Hoppers would understand the message, you can hear stories of love going through your stomach. As for Columtreal? Where young students meet and date every day, that’s doubly true, you can find your way to someone’s heart through their stomach. So with all that dating comes hunger. Yes, growing up, young people need more food! It’s not good for the parents paying the bills, but it is good for the food vendors and restaurant owners.

And it’s good for Bleu Wag. This is a new restaurant with a new owner and a new plan.

I decided to ask the owner, Deman Turner, for an interview to bring you more information about the place and his plans.

Interview with a Charismatic Owner

We met at the restaurant which I thought already struck me as a nice place. My first two questions… What kind of food could we expect and whether they have vegetarian dishes. (Are you sure you didn’t ask about Vegan? – Ed)

Deman: “Indeed, we cater to all tastes here, including the discerning palates of vegetarians. You won’t find a menu quite like ours in Hathian. We pride ourselves on crafting delectable dishes that even the most dedicated meat-lover would find tempting. I can assure you, your taste buds are in for a delightful journey.”

Zofia: “Deman, that is amazing. You have meals for vegetarians! That is important, because you know meat based businesses will bankrupt sooner or later. You go with modern trends. I can imagine it is not easy to cook everything, you must have a good chef, or are you a chef yourself?”

Deman: “Indeed, we believe in staying ahead of the curve and embracing modern culinary trends. As for the cooking, we have a very talented chef, but here at the Bleu Wag Bistro, we truly embody the principles of anarchy by setting up a collaborative environment. Our kitchen operates as a team where everyone has a say in the menu, allowing us to create dishes that truly resonate with our values of individuality and innovation.”

Zofia: “Thank you Deman, so you have a talented chef. Maybe later we can visit your kitchen. I hope your chef is not one of Hoppers.” I was little bit panicking as I tried to write all down “Please, slow down. I cannot write everything so fast. How did you come up with the idea to open a restaurant?”

Deman: “Ah, the idea for the Bleu Wag Bistro… it was born out of a collective desire for a space that embraced the spirit of anarchy in every sense.”

“We wanted a place where people could come together, share ideas, challenge norms, and enjoy a meal that reflected the diversity of our community. The name, ‘Bleu Wag,’ represents the freedom of movement, the blurring of boundaries, and the unpredictable nature of life – all essential elements of anarchy.”

“We wanted a place where people could not only savour delicious food but also engage in conversations that matter. Anarchism, after all, is about questioning authority, breaking down hierarchies, and fostering cooperation. The Bistro, in its essence, embodies these values, offering a haven where ideas can flow as freely as the conversation, and where every voice is valued.”

At that point, I was lost. He said so many nice things, like, does he have secret anarchist training? It was like a spell, he hypnotized me, but I resisted! Anyway, we took a short break and discussed a few personal topics, which I don’t want to bother you with, dear reader. Then we continued…

Zofia: “Please, may I ask another question. You came recently to Hathian. How do you feel in Hathian and what do you think about the place? What do you like and what you dislike on the place?”

Deman: “Hathian is a place that’s full of contradictions. On one hand, it’s raw, chaotic, and unforgiving, but that’s also what makes it so unique. The energy here is magnetic, drawing in people from all walks of life, each with their own story to tell. It’s a place where anything can happen, and that kind of unpredictability, as a restaurant owner, can be both a challenge and an opportunity.”

Deman: “What do I like? The potential for change, the vibrant culture, and the unique spirit of the place. What do I dislike? Perhaps the same things I like, depending on the day.”

Zofia: “Thank you. So you like change and culture and you dislike them as well. Is sounds difficulty, I mean, how do you manage that? And yes, Hathian is terrible I would not tell it better! Deman, would you mind to send message, something important to our readers? It is my last question, so something… a strong message”

Deman: “To our readers, I’d say this: Embrace the chaos within and around you. It’s in chaos that we find our true selves, our potential, and our strength. Don’t fear change; let it shape you.  The world is a canvas, and you are the artist. Paint boldly, without restraint, and never shy away from the unknown. In the midst of chaos, you might just find your masterpiece. If you find yourself in Hathian, stop by The Bleu Wag. We might just have a seat waiting for you amidst the chaos.

That was the end of the conversation, then we just had a casual chat and I left the restaurant.

Deman sent me their menu the day after our conversation, and you can see for yourself that it’s sexy. (Surely wetting at least your veggie tastebuds Zofia… -Ed)


The place is beautiful and I often use it for my interviews. I could recommend it and I wouldn’t be afraid that the owner is an anarchist. He was friendly and charismatic all the time and we had nice chat out of our interview. Deman told me that they want to make a connection, a shoulder where people can talk freely and blur the lines. They’re also looking for staff if you’re interested.

((OOC contact: Owner of the place: Deman Turner (DemanTurner) ))

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