Hathian’s Sexual Revolution!

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By Vivienne C. – Photographs of Ms. Levee are taken by John Childermass

This article is based on interviews with Ms. Colett Levee and Pornstar Ricky Bobby.

In a pleasant afternoon, I sat down with the charismatic Ms. Levee to talk about her business and her journey of entrepreneurship. She was glamourous in her old Hollywood fashion and had bright red lips which were always formed with a smile worthy of cameras. We met before discussing her SMASH Studio and magazine. She had sent me home with an assignment. I mention this because it highlights, in summary, Ms. Levee’s no nonsense attitude and professionalism.

Her studio was founded in July 2023, and she visited her niece, HPD’s Officer Rosenberg, and decided to remain in Hathian. It was immediately noticeable that the city seemed drab and gray. The lack of promotion of beautiful people and bodies, and the lack of celebration of Hathians’ good-looking people.

This lack of vibrancy, made her wonder, where was the excitement? Where is the passion? And where is the sex? Ms. Levee concluded that all the above questions could be answered if Hathian’s energy was directed towards love and creativity rather than aggression, destruction, and crime.

In the spirit of providing the city with the opportunity to create beauty, SMASH was born to give energetic men and women a chance to channel their sexual energy in the right direction. Ms. Levee alluded that she was not alone in this mission; Carly Cox is another famous (or infamous) Hathian who advocates sexual release.

SMASH Studio uses a completely innovative modern approach to business management; the entire backend is essentially outsourced. Almost all filming equipment is rented from the largest film studios. Thus, SMASH produces the highest quality content, reduces the carbon footprint, and protects the environment. Most products may be found on the website that one can access from a private PC or even a cell phone. Virtual business is the future!

Ms. Levee


Ms. Levee adopts this sexual liberation philosophy from the 1970s, an era that brought much change to our societies in terms of sex and love. Those who are familiar of that decade, know that youngsters opposed war, created music, and explored their sexuality in an unparalleled way.

Disarmament through sex is an edgy approach, I asked Ms. Levee about the potential harm of such a path and its effect on the community, she answered cleverly that we need to research the communities of Hathian and see how accessibility of sex and violence are perceived.  This I found an important element; we do lack studies that make us understand the dynamics of the Hathian and its surroundings, and we should pay attention to it.

A Businesswoman’s Experience in the Industry

I would say it’s a pretty stimulating experience being a businesswoman in pron… definitely not your average 9 to 5 job. I spend many hours surrounded by alluring nude bodies and colourful sex toys, while trying to preserve a professional emotional state to keep a wild ride going smoothly… sometimes with the help of already mentioned lubricant

Ms. Levee

The vibrant entrepreneur spoke fondly of her colleagues, whom she claimed to pay well, and helped them maintain high morale. To that effect, I decided to meet with Pornstar Ricky Bobby, Ms. Levee’s favourite. I went to see him at his place of work at the Sex Shop on Bourbon Street. Ricky is a good-looking man with striking blue eyes and easy demeanour.

He was open about his experience and how became a star in porn, which started with his colleague encouraging him to pursue the career after giving her multiple orgasms. His launching video was with Carly Cox.  The video was produced by Ms. Levee.

Of Porn Stars and Exhibitionism

Ricky has made it very clear to me that he loved his job; he was natural and did not care to perform intimate acts before the camera. It paid well, and he felt it was no challenge to pursue such a career; it definitely posed no damage to his masculine identity, unlike the backlash his female counterparts might occasionally face. However occasionally received salacious requests and comments from women, who probably saw him.

The pornstar told me of his future project, which is a porn film with a theme and script that revolves around a robbery gone wrong with the two male robbers taking advantage of the girl being robbed. This was probably inspired by Hathian themes.

I find myself persuaded by Ms. Levee’s vision of creating love and beauty, reader, but am critical of romanticising an industry that is marred with exploitation. If you like, however, to experience yourself, I encourage you to contact Ms. Levee, and perhaps you will become a writing voyeur for her SMASH.

Find SMASH magazine here.

All photos can be found here.

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