Dancing Nymph

Clothing... Optional!

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By: Daiyu Tang

On the 21st of March 2024, two of the Hathian Observer’s reporters attended (with some trepidation!) the reopening event of the Dancing Nymph, a nudist club situated between the University and the main part of Hathian. With the sign outside proclaiming clothing optional, Zofia and Daiyu wondered what the full experience was going to be like…

With the Observer promising not to personally identify those present (other than staff or the owners who agreed), then because public nudity is a personal choice and not one that should be shared without consent, then you won’t find titillating pictures here, although for those that attend in person your mileage may well be different!

We met with the manager, Hrothgar, who rivals all of HPD for the size of his muscles and overall physique. Maybe the citizens of Hathian are lucky that he hasn’t put on a uniform and seems much happier removing clothing!

Daiyu: “I was wondering if we could have some quotes and some thoughts about what it is you are looking to achieve here, how people can relax here and anything you’d find helpful to explain to others?”

Hrothgar: “People can relax in hopefully any way they like, if something is missing tell us, we have the pool, massages, even wrestling, places to chill or cuddle, a bar and as you can see, we also do not shy from adult pleasures, only rule is to bring no outside trouble here and what happens here, stays here. If the mayor visits, we treat him like any other person!”

The Observer can surely see Bobby Boxer probably enjoying this club and the anonymity and lack of trouble may well be something many are looking for. On the right, some of the patrons relaxing by the pool.

Daiyu: “That I guess makes sense, there’s enough trouble out there, so if you can keep it away, it’ll make your place more attractive and an oasis of tranquillity for those needing an escape… but may I ask is this kinda a sex club, or would it be considered more… I don’t know, nudist? I actually googled and saw something called ‘FKK’ as a German kinda concept and then in the UK, we have like nudist beaches and so on, but perhaps not with the range of ‘tools’ around… Is this place like any of those mindsets?”

Hrothgar: “All of it, some come to swim and relax, some for drinks and massages, some for sexy or fetish dreams, all is valid, we do not want narrow expectations, you can bring your lover here for moonshine outdoor sex in safe environment, nobody will frown, if you just hold hands, that is fine too!”

It was good to hear that there wasn’t any judgement and Hrothgar had some lovely staff around, which my colleague Zofia was getting a little bit up-close with… More on that in a little.

Daiyu: “I know what you say, what stays here, stays here, so that’s good for everyone to get what they want out of the space you’ve created!”

The manager then asked for a photo and not only is he huge in height and muscles, from what I might have felt, he might be huge everywhere. I guess, working at a club where he employs attractive male and female staff who are constantly naked might give him quite a few perks!

A Little More Entertainment

Meanwhile the club was filling up and my colleague Zofia was being given a demonstration of some of the more adult orientated equipment from one of the staff, while in this ‘family’ newspaper we can’t report on all of what occurred, we might leave you with this picture, and let you fill in the blanks with your (dirty) imagination.

As we end this little review, we can safely say that the Dancing Nymph is a good place for those needing to unwind and, when it is running events might be a great way of finding like minded individuals who are seeking, relaxation in Hathian’s warm, sunny climate (at least for most of the year!).

Taxi’s to the location can be booked HERE and all visitors can partake of the free lockers and changing areas at the entrance.

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