Wanted: An Actual Doctor To Run Backwaters Clinic

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Improperly stored bodies float out of the Clinic during storm Linda

Readers, some of you will have likely visited the Backwaters Clinic. Seen as some sort of ‘safe’ haven when the HGH facilities weren’t available after the Yuugen terrorist bombing, the clinic was until recently run by one ‘Doctor’ Alice Crow.

Alice, who one resident likened in appearance to a walking cadaver from the morgue, could often be seen around Backwaters and despite some suggestions that she had dumped her Hippocratic Oath eons ago, was seen as a steady feature in the area and, when required provided emergency treatment and medical advice. Never-the-less, her penchant for the macabre, corpses and the like, including in the direct experience of the Observer, treating them without the dignity that the dead deserve meant that not even Stanley would authorise treatment at the clinic due to complications and risk.

“as long as you don’t ruin my morgue or my corpses”

Alice in one of her regular updates about her ‘precious’ things

For this newspaper it came as no shock though when recently it was reported that Alice had skipped the clinic after a run of ‘bad luck’ which included decomposing bodies floating out onto the street, customer complaints and being identified as one of those working with or enabling Zofia Lewandowski on her kidnapping rampage that plague Columtreal University; photo evidence here.

Alice (or ‘Rabbit’) as she appears to be known by to Law Enforcement, posted to her Twitter that she had left the clinic, but that rumours of bankruptcy were a ‘lie’.

At this time, we don’t have a view where Alice will end up, but (unfortunately) we expect it will be medically related. Considering that Alice seemed fairly shrewd charging rent to criminals to use her basement, then this paper would suggest that the rebuilt HGH, perhaps HCS or a private practice might be her next stop; after all they have bigger budgets for her ‘Offshore Bank Account’ that she disclosed on Twitter…

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