Meeting Hoppers In The Bar And Grill

Unexpected Funeral Required - Sad Day For Hathian

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By: Zofia Lewandowska

It’s been a long time since I wrote an article about Hoppers and promised to bring more information about them. One of Hathian’s most enduring families of ‘misfits’ the Hoppers have been terrorising and entertaining Hathian for many years.

You can trust me that I didn’t forget my promises, it just took more time and a bit of luck, but in the end I managed to get in touch and meet someone who is very important to the Hoppers family. Someone famous with a big and difficult past.

How did it go? Few months after last article we wrote about Hoppers, Daiyu and I were invited to a new bar run by the Hopper family. The invitation said we might meet someone important and for the purposes of this article we decided not to show his face. All may be revealed later.

We’ll call him. Grandpa Hopper.

I’m not going to lie to you, I was a little nervous and worried because you know the reputation Hoppers have. But it was an official invitation and when I saw the new bar it was clear it was in public so safe, I also had Daiyu with me and that’s the best weapon you can get.

After a short introduction and meeting several familiar and unfamiliar faces. I had a few questions and got some answers.

Zofia: “Thank you for taking the time to see us. I hear you’re more connected to nature and used to living with nature. How hard is it for you and your family to live in the city like Hathian and even travel here and be here right now?”

Grandpa Hopper:We live in the swamp, it is beautiful land meant to keep one healthy and on their toes unlike the soft living of the city. The air is clean, you can find food in your backyard most any hour, and if you are sick, there is a herb or something available to either heal you or kill you quicker, either way you are cured of whatever is wrong. I only came this time because Lucas said the reporters were really sexy and would do anything to get an interview…”

Zofia: “Thank you. So you have all you need in swamps. That is amazing. Live with nature. And yes, we are really pretty and sexy reporters mr. Hopper. My another question is, I know your children, Lucas, Ain and others, respect you and look up to you as an idol. What advice would you give to parents today to gain that respect from their children?

Grandpa Hopper: “Family means having a code and a system for being punished if the code is not followed. Hoppers live for family and honor, even over fucking, family and honor comes first because at the end of the day, all you have left to you is family and honor. Betray family, break your word, you need to be punished and none of this counting that parents do these days or what is that time out?”

We finished the first part of the conversation and followed grandpa to the private part of the bar. He obviously liked us and told us we are two sexy reporters. I think he enjoyed his time with me and Daiyu. Unfortunately, he was too old and passed away just few hours after we met. I can’t give details because it’s a medical secret, but his heart failed and it wasn’t a violent death. Our deepest condolences to the entire Hopper family.

Grandpa Hopper was a wonderful and kind man and a hero of WWII. A few hours before he died, he told me the story of how he saved a Polish girl from going to a camp. I loved the story and wanted to be in the shoes of the one he saved, because I’m from Poland too.

It’s a really sad ending and I’m sorry but there will be no further interviews with him, we will keep you informed of the planned funeral in due course. Please bring flowers and condolences to Hopper’s family.

And finally, something positive. For those who are thirsty and can look over recent deaths, we found a new bar in Hathian. And you’ll soon read a new article about the most beautiful Hathian princess we just found, from the Hoppers and you’ll find out more soon!

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