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Readers, Daiyu Tang, Editor Here with you to give a little bit of cheer to a rather awful few weeks. As all of you will be aware on the 9th September we mostly all heard, saw or read about the awful plane crash in Hathian. This event triggered fires, looting and certainly a range of poor, bad and sometimes vile gallows humour.

Typical Hathian ‘humor’ on display on Twitter.

There were though a range of people doing good, or at least trying to do good. Ensuring that Tori’s idea of ‘people shouldn’t be good’ didn’t die in her most recent atrocity these varied from the small to the large. I was told in CU that the majority of the students who found packages from the stricken aircraft had handed them in. This kind of good behaviour led to more supplies being available to those in need after the storm.

But it’s not their story I want to tell fully. Today I am going to talk about Detective Corporal Nakayama, who some of you may have heard about. I also, as editor want to confess that the other three times the Detective has been featured in this paper, I’ve spelt her wrong as ‘Nakama’ rather than ‘Nakayama’. If you don’t believe me; search results from our archive. Nakayama, if you’re reading this, I apologise – I shouldn’t have assumed!

Saving Souls In The Plant

As told in Atsuko’s own words in italics, with my thoughts in regular text:

“I just wanted to give credit to a few of our officers as well as CUPD and of course Doctor Lamarchand, it was a frightening time for all involved. Let me start by saying that as far as I know I am the youngest corporal to date…”

The Detective wasn’t saying this to boast, while I could feel pride form her words reader, it was more about how as the future and as talent, she could be trusted further and with more, both by her seniors and, I would say Hathian, by us. While there have been incidents that our paper didn’t cover that have reached me, the majority of my research and my own experience indicate an officer who files cases, doesn’t take obvious bribes and does the work to find criminals and punish them without resorting to brutality. Citizens, you often measure HPD as if they should be angels in this den of sin and the Observer has told you before, that is unrealistic. If you need someone with relatively clean sheets and a fair voice for you if you’re a victim, you’d do yourself a disservice not to get help from Nakayama.

“So, about the day. This plane crashed and hell broke loose because those in the Plant couldn’t get out. I wanted to say though that HPD and CUPD worked hand in hand at keeping the whole mess to a minimum. Officers Bobby Ray Lee and Bentley Braveheart were able to keep the crowd under control, while myself and officer Jag Saliera worked on getting the door open and assisting those who were injured to obtain help. The doctor was able to arrange for transport since there were too many for an ambulance.”

Bentley is another officer who I have time for, although I know that after what Tori did to him he wasn’t (and perhaps isn’t) the same. If you’re on the campus, look out for him, or his friend Layli, along with Liam. They’re all pretty good sorts and Layli has a streak of justice running through her that is commendable.

“I went inside and saw two women, I ran over there thinking they were dead. Officer Bentley and myself began to administer first aid and CPR until FDH was able to get in and take over. I want to be clear, some of us don’t want to see the good people in town hurt. Bentley is a good one, he jumped to and was right there, Officer Lee as well, he was great with keeping the looki loo’s in check.”

“I wanted to add that it’s just odd, we get a lot of flak and criticism from many sources, especially the very criminals who are out there hurting people. They cause us headaches but we’re the first they call when they can’t help themselves and we’re here for all of Hathian.

From the Detective’s Twitter

Thank you to Atsuko for the time in this small profile, thank you to John for her profile picture. I enjoyed meeting her and while I can see some cracks, it would be great if Hathian could fill them in, rather than tear her down. So say thank you next time you’ve saved and remember that perhaps, that thanks is all the ‘bribe’ some officers need.

It’s Good To Be Good

Some might argue it’s their job to save lives, but do we look down on FDH or a doctor for doing their job? We also know that in the case of medical workers there is some shady shit out there in Hathian and the Backwaters… Alice being a ‘doctor’ for a start. So reader, for Bentley, Bobby, Atsuko and perhaps some more… give them the time of day and hope that their talent now will be allowed to flourish and change some of the practices that have given HPD a bad name in this town. Then again, my sources are whispering that certain senior leaders are weakened to the extent they need to buy in murder and contract beatings from outside the HPD; HPD and a certain gang – tale as old as time, song as old as rhyme and all that. Watch this space for more…

Wishing you all the best – Daiyu Tang

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