Plane Crashes Into Hathian. Looting Reported!

Breaking News: Airplane crashes into Batterie Beach!

  • Flashlight Party at the Plant impacted. Emergency generator fails. Partygoers locked into the Plant with developing fire. After efforts from HPD and citizens, injuries were kept to a minimum with only two citizens sent to the temporary hospital for smoke inhalation
  • Emergency Alert Broadcast throughout Hathian causes panic and confusion after the aircraft crashed
  • Crash Scene reported to be subject to looting and reports of crates from the downed aircraft across the University, Hathian and Backwaters. Authorities request that they are informed of any
  • Was stormy weather to blame? Possibly, or were the rumours of illicit cargo a factor?

Our eyewitnesses at the plant and outside near the HPD station said this:

“The music was drowned out by a horrendous noise. It sounded like there was a missile or a tornado or something coming right for us! Screeching and screaming. We couldn’t see from inside the building but there were smashing noises as what turned out to be crates fell outside the Plant and then we heard a booming noise towards Batterie Beach!”

Plant partygoer
A view from the emergency response

Outside HPD our witness reported that:

“There was debris raining everywhere. The aircraft was clearly on fire as it was coming in! God the emergency alert system was so loud, why is it hardly used? We should have scheduled tests… Anyway, yes… it was a huge explosion on the beach. I’m going down there to see what’s happened and what I can find…”

Civilian outside HPD

From inside the plant, the first scene was clearly chaos…

“The lights went out… there was silence and then a few screams… without whatever power there was there, we just had glowsticks… then there was light under the front door and smoke… something was on fire just outside and we couldn’t get out! The doors had locked somehow!”

First Responder in the Plant
First responders come to the plant to try and assist in getting trapped partygoers out

Lost Cargo & Looting

Our editor attended the scene and found that some looting had already happened. She tried to find out what was in some of the crates still around, but the emergency perimeter was being established. Never-the-less from speaking with those who had found crates elsewhere she understood that rumours are some drugs had been recovered, as well as medical supplies and food. It is possible the plane was a relief flight with some contraband content as well?

We understand that not many crates may remain and as a responsible newspaper would urge all citizens to approach with care and report them to the authorities.

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Our Editor explores the now somewhat stripped wreckage
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