Students Warned: Yuugen Prowls Campus

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Kasumi & Kenny Prowl The Campus

A warning has been given to us for all Columtreal students via the Hathian Police Department (‘HPD’). The HPD has asked the Observer to note that:

  • Two individuals, alleged to be members of Yuugen named as ‘Kasumi’ and ‘Kenny’ may be involved with plans to abduct students at Columtreal
  • Their goal is to draw students into some kind of harem and/or sell them onwards to the sex trade (possibly to businesses linked to organised crime or triads in Laveau)
  • Students should focus on their safety and be extra wary around possible Yuugen gang members
  • Sex trafficking is a very real threat and students should not enter into relationships without taking steps to protect themselves. Pepper Spray, rape alarms and self-defence training and the like
  • The Yuugen have been observed to move as a large group, almost as if ‘hunting in packs’ so be aware that one problem may multiply if steps aren’t taken to protect your safety

This public service update was provided to the Observer by Senior Officer Maliya Voran. Questions about the content of this article can be directed to the Officer, either at the HPD station or the CUPD for more general safety advice.

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