Burning Car In Front Of Titty Twister

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(Written by Bryjana Thoredottier, photos by John Childermass – July 13, 2023, 10 a.m.)

Police and firefighters careened down Bourbon behind the Hathian Observer, flashing lights and sirens on their way to the Titty Twister. Dense smoke was already covering the immediate area and the smell of burning aroused great curiosity among onlookers.

Photographer John Childermass from the Hathian Observer was already on site and immediately captured the event professionally with his camera.

A black SUV was ablaze and Fire Chief Dale Warrhol did his best to bring the blaze under control, not only dousing the burning vehicle but also preventing the fire from spreading to surrounding buildings and setting them ablaze as well.

Unfortunately, this paper doesn’t not know whether the owner of the SUV could be identified by officer Locke de Rollo, who was present, as there was silence about it when asked.

Eyewitness –°arly Cox, our freelance contributor of the “Ask Carly” column, was able to tell the police about the perpetrators. She claimed it was an Asian gang known as “Yuugen” who doused the SUV with what is believed to be gasoline and set it on fire.

According to an eyewitness the group of asian-looking men then fled before the police and fire department arrived.

It is to be hoped that the perpetrators will be caught soon and receive their just punishment.

((Further photos: HERE))

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