Hathian 5k Race

The Real Winner? The Kids.

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Many citizens turned out for the First Annual 5k Run for Fun on the 3rd June 2023 in Hathian. The event was a city wide activity where businesses sponsored and donated money to the youth of Hathian.

The event began at Hathian Civil Services and wrapped around past the HPD, FDH and then ended in Black Bottom at Columtreal University, right besides Club Aurora. Right in the courtyard of Club Aurora were all the businesses that sponsored the event with their own stands, as well as some performances from Rize Productions stars.

A map of Hathian with the race route marked out on it.
The route of the race as set by the race organisers

The event was organized by Seaside Youth Centre and After-School Program with representative and senior community leader Eliza Evans managing the event. Eliza through her force of personality and excellent community engagement skills was able to recruit over 30 businesses in the Hathian area who participated in the event and contributed to sponsor the race.

Many runners and multiple heats occurred throughout the day and the organisers would like to thank the FDH who provided us with a fire truck and access to a fire hydrant to cool off with.

Organisers had additional ensured that Live music and a DJ were waiting for runners and their families and friends at Club Aurora afterwards with many businesses positioning drinks and snacks along the track itself.

The event organisers report a great turnout and all those wonderful sponsors helped by donating to the cause and providing the youth of Hathian in partnership with Seaside Youth Centre After school and Camp Program with the opportunity to have great things to do this summer.

Thank you to all those who were involved as runners, sponsors, or attendees took the time to help with this event and it is with hope that it becomes an annual event. it was greatly appreciated. For anyone interested in renting the Aurora space or speaking to someone about Seaside please contact Eliza Evans.

The Observer Adds

We are aware that various parties including Zeek and Landon Fyre have claimed victory in this race and while winning is fine, it wasn’t the main point. Raising funds for a good cause were, so the Observer would like to note that in terms of official winners? There can only be one, Eliza Evans for organising this and raising funds for good causes.

Our Sponsors

The Observer notes you can often find more details (and locations) for these sponsors HERE in our yellow pages.

Poison Apple
XXX Shop
the Hathian Observer
Hathian Museum & Galleries
The Grind
Vudu Shop
Pie Hole
Civil Services
Pawn Shop
BIX – The Hathian Sorority
Columtreal University
Clam Convenience
Alligator Inn Motel
DIAZ Garage & Convenience
Titty Twister
Hathian Theatre
LL Warehouses
Luxure Nightclub
Berthier Bakery
BW Starlust
Rize Productions
Club Aurora
Spanky’s Fetish Club
Slim’s Diner

((With apologies to the event organiser for the delayed report))

Lots of booths setup outside a nightclub
Booths setup outside Aurora at the end of the race
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