Get Your Geek On

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By Sarah-Michelle Buffy Gage

An event worth getting dressed up for….

Those with long memories might remember last year the Columtreal University (CU) campus hosted a weekend long comic-con event.

This Sunday, they are doing it bigger, with Geek-A-Con, a combined sci-fi, horror and comic convention, so no-one needs to feel left out.

In association with Comiquities, you can take part in a mass Light Sabre Battle, take part in character wrestling matches, dress up as your favourite hero, or scare the bejesus out of someone with your spooky horror costume.

Prizes will be gifted for the best cosplay in each category and there will be a party to end the day.

a performer at last years comic-con

Geek-A-Con is also welcoming any local artists who might wish to perform at the event, please contact Sarah-Michelle (Buffy) at the CU campus to be added to the schedule.

So this Sunday 16th, get your geek on, at the all-day Geek-A-Con.

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