‘Juicy Buns’ – A Gein Promotion

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Do you like your meat between white or dark buns?

1) As we all know, Gluttony and Lust always walk together, so the management here at Gein Burger want to invite you to a game or even a challenge, if you wish (and dare)…

2) Bring your lover, your friend, your enemies, even a complete DTF stranger to the Gein and show us how you have a good time… We promise our staff won’t mind.

Hot dogging more your thing?

3) If you’re feel extra adventurous take some photos of your ‘meal’ at our restaurant and send them to our manager, Estelle Brianna. Or, perhaps our CCTV can capture you swallowing that meat…

4) In return, we’ll give you a special ‘Gein ‘L’ Coupon’… What does this give you? As well as your next order free each token gives you entry to a fantastic prize draw…

Liberal amounts of nut sauce, free of charge…

5) So what are you waiting for, join our competition now. Enjoy our food, enjoy each other and get ready to win some fantastic prizes. Have fun ya’ll.

Gein Manager

((OOC: There are some ERP enabled objects around the Gein which are assumed to be covered by CCTV. Have an ERP scene at the Gein, copy it to a NC with one or two photos you take (can be edited, or not edited) and send this in-world to Estelle Brianna or via Discord. You will get a no copy/no mod / no transfer coupon for use in the subsequent IC competition.))

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