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Another victim - not to be forgotten

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Tori and gang members
If it walks like a duck... quacks like a duck...

Dear readers,

While I wait to have the mental fortitude to finish Part 2 of the series around the ‘games‘ that the delinquents behind ‘Yuugen’ put me through, I was dismayed but not surprised to be visited at the Hathian Observer by citizens who had come across a video on the internet (and which I later found out had been shown at the Hathian Film Festival) and wanted me to investigate it. Although I was loathe to give this video anymore prominence, the fact it appears to show a murder of an unknown Jane Doe and is now being distributed on the streets of Hathian in DVD form as a ‘romantic comedy’ is messed up… The Observer and I stand against trash, so here we are covering it.

The who

So let’s be real. The person in the video of the apparent murder – the short female with the full face mask, is Tori. Same mask, same height, same duck waddle. The other woman I would have guessed is Chastity. She has posted her face on Social Media before but unless she lost gauged ears between April 2023 and when this video was done (likely May 2023) it appears to be someone else although that top is pretty much the same and there is a lack of tattoos. Eyes are a bit different though… I can’t quite remember Chastity’s face, which is fine, because she posted it on Twitter… See comparison below… perhaps there is another Adachi around the place… or just another hanger on.

Comparison image of Chastity and woman in video.
Female (Left) from the video and Chastity (Right) from social media

I tried to think of other known Asian, maybe Japanese females that could be involved… Atsuko? Nah… Layla? Nah… So I took to research; Twitter, Records… newspaper clippings. There’s a fair few… Hisoka? Otsuka? Some lady with just a scorpion as a name and similar earrings but no tattoos? One had a barcode tattoo… Another cousin of Chastity called Ora came up in some records, but like the smoke there, she and most of the others mentioned above couldn’t be traced, although queries are outstanding with law enforcement and other parties. So for now, at least as far as this lady is concerned, it could be Chastity, hell it could be post-production editing to mask her ears, but realistically Tori’s lot can pop up where you least expect it. The lack of tattoos though is interesting… Hmm.

As for Tori, here’s the comparison below. Notice the same mask, and same hair style when wearing the mask. The only thing that confused me was I thought Tori had a scorpion belly button tattoo and the skin visible in the video didn’t, but I think the clothes just about covered it.

This mask has been seen around before

Comparison image of Tori
Woman in video (Left) / Tori at HPD protest (central) / Tori at an event (right)

Any other proof? Well, besides from their obvious social media account PROMOTING the video… then I think the Observer and I are comfortable we’ve found yet more obvious proof of their depravity. I say this by the way readers, because as Tori likes to say, she doesn’t like to hide… What she does, she doesn’t care who sees or who knows:

“You realize there is a difference between masking up for dramatic effect to terrorize an individual yet still not even trying to deny that I was involved, and masking up because someone is scared of getting actually caught and reprisals, right? Have you known me to deny anything?”

Tori on Twitter

She’s right; that is how she works… never hiding her acts, even if she hides herself from the punishment due. Why do we accept this Hathian?

Now, for the man… We know it’s not Elben (who is significantly taller than Tori and who has different Tattoos, for example in the picture posted of what happened to Emily… That leaves *probably Mu* who doesn’t post much in the way of images… It could also be someone else, although we know Mu is a creep. A witness said that:

“We met some asian dude with like really blue eyes who also turned to be a creep. But I think he was taller than the guy I met today. And less tattoos if I recall it correctly. But he got pretty mad at me when I didn’t let him get handsy…”

A source as described to the Observer

So, with a witness saying that the man in the video was NOT the ‘creep with blue eyes’ (and yes Mu has blue eyes as far as sources and public imagery attests ((NSFW link)) then maybe we’ve got a fourth person… so not Elben, not Mu, not Jayden for obvious reasons…

Comparison image of Elben and Mu
Photo from the video (Left) with clear neck, chest and hand tattoo / Elben middle with different tattoos, hair etc / Mu middle with different tattoos / Left Hand from video showing no match to Mu

The what

What ‘promise’. Who knows – maybe they promised Jordan that they’d submit for his film festival. At the end of the day, their motive is irrelevant. Crimes they commit are not. I’d also like to say that any promise made by this group is worth nothing. But you know that Hathian. Don’t be lulled into romanticising them and the way they try and order the world. It’s just another fake cult trying to take you for whatever they can.

Help us

If you know who the two unidentified females in the video are send information to the Observer and/or HPD. If you know who the victim was in the video please also contact us. No one deserves to be attacked and likely killed (although Tori is known to sometimes fake this level of violence for other ends) for the sickness of someone else.

As a responsible reporter I tried to ask a member of HPD who has been photographed with Tori in the past. Sadly they didn’t seem to want to answer questions. Although some texts with one officer led to this fantastic exchange of HPD caring attitudes:

Observer: “You’re police. They killed someone on video recently. Tori and two others. A woman who doesn’t quite look like Chastity and a man with clear identifying tattoos. Not Elben, not Mu”
HPD: “Stop asking me this shit”
Observer: “Why? I mean I don’t have to attribute it to you, but you were there in the photos with Tori… ya know. Who else should I ask?”
HPD: “I said…Don’t ask me this shit and back off. Mind yer own business”
Observer: “Which is reporting. On murders. Of Citizens. In hathian.”
HPD: “Listen to me…Shut the fuck up and mind yer own business. Which part of it don’t ya get?

“Go on lil bitch keep on yappin yer mouth”

An officer who the Observer is VERY KINDLY choosing to protect, despite their appalling attitude to reasonable requests
Victim image
The victim from the video that is circulating

I don’t hold much hope for HPD to go after Tori… if they didn’t last time, but they might and others might and society and karma might just work. Best of luck Hathian. Stay safe and don’t accept bootleg DVDs from a tattooed stranger.


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