Hathian Meets Hunger Games: Human Hunt Shocks Hathian

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About a week ago, Hathian residents were informed on Twitter about a hunt going on around town. Residents’ pictures were being posted showing them tied to poles or being held somewhere, naked, and injured. These people were people that we see every day, people we go to work with, people with friends, families, and children that love them. They were publicly shamed as their tragedies were made fun of by a group of people counting on their nightmare becoming a reality.

It began with citizens going missing. One man in particular had been missing for a few days already by the time the the tweets went out. These victims were drugged, with what has not been revealed at this point. It is safe to say that the drug was some sort of hallucination drug of some sort. These victims were then set loose around town, drugged, violent, and scared. They were hunted for sport, like animals, for an armband that they were wearing. But this wasn’t just a “capture and return” kind of hunt. No, this was a hunt to the death. The murderers had to get the armband to claim a prize from the Kogarashi, though it is unknown at this point what that prize was.

The Kogarashi, which means “cold, wintry wind”, posted the rules on their Twitter account during the hunt. They said that once someone had killed a person with the armband, they were to wear the armband as proof of their achievement. An “Apex predator” would be named at the end of the hunt, but it is unclear at this point who won that title or what they were rewarded with for their achievement.

A couple of people posted on Twitter that if the targets were brought to them, they would be kept safe from the killers out hunting for them. One of these people, who had no problem being named in this article as she already had publicly declared her involvement on Twitter, became the next target on the list by the hunters. Aizlynne Argeneau, local council worker, told us that she tried to save a woman’s life, but she failed and the woman was killed right in front of her. A member of the gang came up and tried to finish Aiz off, breaking her kneecap. A couple of people helped her, including a man named Rick and an officer who tried to intervene. The cop accidentally shot her while aiming for the gang member, but he was able to take her to the hospital. On Twitter, Aiz was taunted with the picture of a severed head of one of the victims.

There has been a drug going around Hathian named “UNI”, which may or may not be what was given to the victims of this Hunt. The drug is a hallucinogen and matches the description of the behavior reported of those unleashed from the gang to do the hunting.

At this point, it is unknown who the victims were that were taken, and it is unknown the motives behind this hunt. Was it for organ donations, drugs, money, or something else? With the ring leaders behind the hunt having already served time in jail, is it enough for the citizens of Hathian to believe that justice has been served, or should there have been more fallback? One thing is for certain… this story cannot be swept under the rug. It happened, it was very real, and the affects of this hunt will be felt and experienced long after people have stopped talking about it.

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