Two coffins, draped in the American flag with remembrance wreathes

Hathian Remembers Them

Gone but not forgotten

On the stroke of mid-day on the 20th of May 2023, officers from the Hathian Police Department gathered in the graveyard in town in memory of two recently fallen officers. The Observer dispatched a reporter to the event to respectfully recognise the sacrifices that some are forced to make by this town.

A view from behind Officer Blackheart as she addresses the gathering of HPD officers
Sergeant Blackheart leads the assembled HPD officers in tribute

As the officers stood to attention in the graveyard, two freshly dug graves had been prepared for Officer Carter and K-9 Officer Duncan. Sergeant Blackheart led from the front, standing in dress uniform as she went through a service that she has surely and sadly has likely committed, at least parts to memory.

With the officers respectfully listening and with security around the cemetery in place, Sgt. Blackheart continued.

“Control to Ocean 28699. Report in.” She paused and then asked again; “No Answer. Control to Ocean 28699. Come in.”

Sgt. Blackheart calls to Officer Carter over the radio
A view of the service

“Ocean 28699 out of service. Gone but not forgotten. We have the watch from here. Thank you for your service to Hathian”

Sgt. Blackheart continues to the ritual rememberence

The officers began to take their position for a gun salute to their fallen comrade, with officers including Fyre, Doge and Ritter in the shooting positions.

The gun salute for the fallen officers

Sgt. Blackheart: “Ladies and gentlemen, honored guests, fellow officers, and most importantly, the grieving family and friends of Officer Blake Carter. Today, we gather with heavy hearts to pay tribute to a true hero who has left us far too soon. We stand together to honor the life and sacrifice of Officer Carter, a dedicated member of the Hathian Police Department, who laid down his life in the line of duty.

Officer Blake Carter embodied the essence of a public servant. He was a beacon of light in our community, always ready to protect and serve, to face danger head-on, and to maintain law and order. With unwavering courage, he walked the thin blue line, upholding justice and safeguarding the well-being of those he swore to protect.

We are reminded today of the tremendous risks our law enforcement officers face each day. They put their lives on the line, often in the face of adversity and danger, to ensure that we can live in peace and security. Officer Carter understood these risks, yet he did not waver in his commitment to his duty. He faced every challenge with unwavering determination and an unwavering dedication to the community he served.”

Blake Carter was not just an officer; he was a friend, a mentor, and a guardian angel to many. He had a kind heart, a compassionate spirit, and an unyielding sense of justice. He was the epitome of what it means to be a law enforcement officer, and his loss leaves a void that will never be filled.

As we mourn the passing of Officer Carter, let us also celebrate the life he lived. Let us remember his infectious smile, his compassion for others, and his unwavering commitment to the pursuit of justice. His legacy will forever be etched in the hearts of those who knew him, and his memory will live on in the stories and experiences shared by his fellow officers.

To the family and loved ones of Officer Blake Carter, we extend our deepest condolences and offer our unwavering support. We cannot fathom the pain you are experiencing, but please know that you are not alone. The law enforcement community stands united in solidarity with you, ready to embrace you and help you through this difficult time. To the men and women of the Hathian Police Department, I urge you to remember the sacrifice of Officer Carter. Let his memory serve as a constant reminder of the noble purpose behind your chosen profession. Let it inspire you to continue the work he loved so dearly, to protect and serve the community with honor, integrity, and compassion.

Today, as we lay Officer Blake Carter to rest, let us honor his life by pledging to carry on his legacy. Let us uphold the values he held dear, and let us strive to make our communities safer and more just. Let us never forget the sacrifice he made and let us always cherish the memory of a fallen hero who gave everything for the greater good.

Officer Carter, you may be gone, but your spirit lives on within us. Your selflessness, dedication, and bravery will continue to inspire us in our pursuit of a safer world. May you rest in eternal peace, knowing that your service will never be forgotten, we have the watch from here. And I want to thank Duncan for his furry dedication. His sacrifice into saving Sergeant Doge from harm. For his loyalty to his handlers. And the love he gave us. Thank you.”

Officers Doge, Fyre stand in the cemetery with their guns out ready to give the salute.
Officers Doge and Fyre as part of the gun salute

The Observer wishes to all those who have lost someone dear that they find peace and that for all who are lost that they have a family behind them to give them the memories they deserve as they pass on their journey.

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