$10,000 Reward For Safe Return of Baby

Help us to return the baby of Why Verdandi and not only claim a reward, but do right in Hathian. Please.

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Readers, this is Daiyu Tang with a breaking story.

In the last day or so I have learned about an awful kidnapping that occurred to well known HCS worker Why Verdandi. Why, who has already suffered in 2022 at the hands of criminal elements in this town having survived a bombing of the HCS building has now been located in HGH a week after her kidnapping in early April.

In Hospital, the previously heavily pregnant Why, rumoured to have been carrying the baby of Corporal Fyre from Hathian PD, was no longer pregnant and didn’t have the child with her. She states he was taken by the kidnappers.

The Observer, in conjunction with community leaders, friends and family and other professionals is offering an immediate cash reward for information leading to the arrest of the two culprits in the images below and a more significant reward for the safe return of the child to his mother. Readers we only have these low quality pictures taken by an iPhone that caught the perpetrators to go with, but we also have names, please use your contacts and network to hunt them down and bring the child home.

WANTED. Skyler Ludwick and Natalie Jefferson. WANTED.

Skyler Ludwick and Natalie Jefferson, wanted for the kidnapping of a baby, kidnapping and other crimes against the mother. Your help as citizens can get this awful crime resolved and help a mother in her need.

The baby boy needs to be back with his mother. Make this happen Hathian, I, the Observer staff, and all the friends and family of Why know you can do it.

All information can be directly sent to the Observer, Liz Evans, or Isabella Valdez. This reward has been co-sponsored by The Observer, concerned friends and family and the legal fraternity in Hathian.

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