HCS Bombed; One Dead

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An explosion on March 25 around 8pm in the Hathian Civil Services offices rocked the city center of Hathian, causing a fire to break out and leaving at least one person dead.

After the explosion, a fire engulfed the entirety of the office. Firefighters worked tirelessly for hours to extinguish the flames. Though they were successful in preventing the fire from spreading to other buildings, the damage to HCS is extensive.

An investigation into the incident revealed that the explosion was the result of a bomb. The perpetrator detonated C-4, and the blast punctured the building’s gas main. Rog Messmer, HPD Lieutenant, said he was suspicious about the origins of the fire from the moment he arrived on scene. When he was able to conduct an inspection, he said there were obvious signs of an explosion, such as shrapnel marks in the walls. Further evidence revealed that the explosion had punctured a gas main, causing the fire. Chemical analysis of the debris confirmed that it was a C-4 explosion, said Messmer. He added that his department is waiting for word from the FBI as to the origins of the explosive.


Why Verdandi, social worker and HCS office administrator, was seen in the building right before the explosion took place. Since she could not be located, and was not answering her phone, police believed her disappearance was related to the bomb and subsequent fire. Rumors were rampant that Verdandi was the dead body pulled from the building. When asked about the body, Messmer said it wasn’t “in a state where it could be visually identified.” While the coroner made the final determination that the body was not the social worker, the lieutenant said dental records were probably utilized.

Once it was certain that Verdandi was missing and not dead, officers from the Hathian Police Department, specifically Landon Fyre, worked around the clock to find the missing woman. Police were able to follow a trail that led to a warehouse in Vodou using a K-9 unit. There they found Saedi Sullivan in a cell, apparently another victim of the criminal who bombed HCS and kidnapped Verdandi.


A thorough investigation showed that the true perpetrator of the crime attempted to frame Sullivan for his or her heinous acts. However, Sullivan was not able to offer information regarding Verdandi whereabouts, and the trail went cold. Until the culprit posted a picture of Verdandi on Twitter with a clue to her whereabouts.

Jay Jester and Sorvynia Demure, the mothers to Verdandi’s sister, began to investigate. Knowing where the police had found Sullivan, they went there… and found another clue. The clue led to another, and then to another. Eventually, the missing woman was found in a small run-down warehouse in Rougarou and taken to the hospital. Verdandi and her family have declined to comment at this point.


Firefighters who responded to the scene and worked to put out the fire include Messmer, Chief Vie Lannock, EMT Alesa Sjorstrom, and probie Fate Humura, and PAT Kasna Mikaels. No identification has been made on the body pulled from the rubble of the building, but rumor has it that the deceased was a newly hired receptionist at HCS; Sullivan was treated at Hathian General Hospital and released the next day. As of this printing, Verdandi remains in the hospital.

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