The HPD Change?

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Is the Hathian police department really changing? That’s the question we ask ourselves everyday since this ”change” has occurred. I have recently being a guest of the Hathian Police Department’s five star service and I can reassure you they are not changing; They are becoming worse.

I have witnessed the corruption and mistreatment of their inmates, from soaking them with heavy hoses, starving them and of course threatening them. I was thrown into a cell with another woman that had being injured and got no medical assistant at all she seemed in pain and an officer was informed of this and ignored her.

I have become a journalist and report because I can write about crimes and stories that people deserve to be informed by. I never expected I would have to write about our police forces corruption. I seen the new head of the department with my own eyes as he threatened another female inmate inside the cells. I don’t want to describe or suggest who she might be, for her own safety, but he threatened her with her own kids’ safety if she didn’t part-take in what he wanted.

It was disgusting to watch this. She begged him to leave her kids alone. I left shortly after this and I fear for her safety. Its disgraceful that we must fear from our own force, times must change and we must stand up to these bullies that walk are streets with weapons that could kill us if we cross them.

I spend my stay with a black eye, from a situation with my cellmate that ended in violence, no justice was done and I didn’t even get asked if I was alright. The living conditions of the inmates is inhuman. The smell is appalling and the fear of what could happen next is always in your mind, that you can’t even sleep.

This is our time to change our police force, I fear for my safety and the safety of other citizens if we continue to let these people run our city. We get arrested and pay the price because of the crimes we commit when don’t they.

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