Phantoms Claim Credit for HPD Bombing

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Phantom Members: Piper Delvalle-Trevellion & Sofia Keolanui
Phantom Members: Piper Delvalle-Trevellion & Sofia Keolanui

Ever since the bombing of the Hathian Police Department, which claimed the lives of at least two officers (Liliana Tinamou and Darren Michaels) and injured dozens more as well as causing extensive damage to the structure itself; residents of Hathian have been clamoring to know,  just who is responsible?

Finally coming to the forefront to claim credit for this terror attack is local Phantoms gang leader, Piper Delvalle-Trevellion aka The Raven, who supports her claim by providing evidence that it was she who organized the public protest outside of the HPD in order to coincide with the bombing. When asked why she was quoted as saying, “I wanted there to not only be an audience for the bombing, but also for the citizens of Hathian to be able to strike back and claim justice for themselves while the HPD was vulnerable.”

Delvalle-Trevellion, in addition to providing proof of her being behind the public protest also showed us detailed plans for the bomb, receipts from the expenses and weeks of cell phone and email records between her and her Phantom cohorts in organizing the destruction. When asked why she was now coming forward, Delvalle-Trevellion had this to say… “At first I felt that coming forward to publicly announce our victory would only be putting us on the map as a target for retaliation. Since that has already come to pass, I no longer see reason to hide our actions from the public eye. The HPD deserved what they had coming to them. I’m glad we killed some of them. My only regret is in wishing that more of them had died.”

The Phantoms have been to date, a rather quiet presence in Hathian for the most part whose members are largely, not publicly known. Piper Delvalle-Trevellion herself was outed only a few months ago, identified as the group’s leader. Also known to work with her is member Sofia Keolanui aka Mano. While it is suspected that there are numerous other people involved in the gang, none of the other members have yet been positively identified.

The gang is under long investigation from the HPD for their involvement in the ship that sank off Hathian harbor in connection with possible human trafficking and the deadly small pox strain which followed it onto our shores infecting numerous Hathian residents and claiming the lives of a few. Delvalle-Trevellion herself faked her own death as a result of the virus and was discovered to be alive two weeks later.

With a potential biological attack on the residents of Hathian and a confirmed bombing, the word terrorists easily springs to mind. When asked what she had to say about that, Piper said only, “Terror is all around everyone all of the time in this city. If we are terrorists, then we are not acting alone but only as part of the whole.” The Phantoms agenda is unclear, but they are linked with charges that involve kidnap, rape, human trafficking and murder.

When asked how they got the money to build the bomb, Piper smirked and pointed to the abduction for ransom of Lia Linette and Jaded De Luca Rossini. “We got twenty thousand dollars in ransom for those two whores,” crassly quoted the gang leader. “That was more than enough to fund the construction of the bomb.” When asked who was responsible for the construction of the bomb itself, Piper declined to comment saying only, “For their own protection, I will not be divulging that information.”

When asked what she hoped to achieve by coming forward with this information, the Phantoms gang leader was quoted as saying, “They (the HPD) murder without consequence. They violate our rights not just as citizens of Hathian but as human beings on a daily basis. It was time for them to be punished… and it was time for Hathian to know the truth. We have declared this as a victory over the HPD, it can be done and if necessary, we’ll do it again… just as we will to anyone who crosses us. Anyone.”

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