Suicide Bomber Identified as HPD Officer

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HPD Officer Darren Michaels

It was early onto into the minutes of the organized public protest outside of the Hathian Police Department Monday evening when things took an explosive turn. Protesters and police alike were shocked when a large explosion rocked the HPD building blowing out an external wall and causing massive damage killing or seriously injuring a large number of officers upon detonation. In the chaos and confusion that followed, no one was immediately sure who or what was responsible for the blast.

Fire Department of Hathian responders were dispatched immediately to the scene to extinguish the flames and help the injured officers to safety while below, the ‘peaceful assembly’ to protest violence and corruption among the HPD quickly escalated into a riot with several armed protesters and police exchanging fire. Charges have been brought against local Phantoms Gang Leader, Piper Delvalle-Trevellion and Phantoms member Sofia Keolanui, although it remains unclear at this time if the Phantoms had anything to do with the bombing itself.

Reviewing security footage and going off of eyewitness testimony, it has been determined that the bomb was brought into the station and detonated by rookie officer, Darren Anthony Michaels (24) who was killed instantly in the blast. Michaels was relatively new to the ranks of the HPD, having joined just eight weeks ago after moving to Hathian from Houston, Texas.

Michaels was a relatively quiet and unknown figure during his short career at the HPD with only one officer who knew him well, the deceased’s alleged girlfriend, fellow officer, Charlotte ‘Charley’ Scott who was also present and injured in the blast and could not be reached for comment. His family, however, were more forthcoming. Michaels is survived by his parents, Cecil and Amanda Michaels and two siblings, brother Bevan (27) and sister Lisa (25).

“I’m just shocked…I mean… words fail me – I just didn’t see this coming at all. Why would my son do this? He seemed so fine the last time we spoke just  a couple of weeks ago over the phone,” Quoted the deceased’s father, Cecil George Michaels who described his son as a laid back, typical country boy, a bit of a joker who had gotten into his share of boyish trouble, but nothing serious. Michaels in fact, has no criminal history at all and no previous education or experience with bombs.

“Well truth be told, he admitted to having started to have a few misgivings about his job. Some things he saw and heard about while on duty.. sat a bit uneasy with him – some of the abuses he saw. Muttering a bit about “in fighting the monsters..make sure that you don’t become one yourself.”   He never got into detail about what he saw or learnt which disturbed him.. but that was typical Darren. The joker in him didn’t like to get all serious and gloomy, planned on just keep on sticking with  making the best of being a cop.  I just never thought for one second…… that well..he’d end up doing what  he did.  I just can’t believe it…” Elaborated Cecil Michaels of his son.

Zacchary Taylor, a high school friend of Michaels had this to say, “Darren wasn’t a bad guy. I’m just… well flabbergasted really. I mean why… this was completely out of the blue. When I was last in Hathian to see him – he seemed just fine. Found himself some hot piece of ass…was enjoying life a bit. Never talked much about his job though. ”

Surviving and uninjured members of the HPD have declined to comment on an ongoing investigation, but have promised that they will get to the bottom of Darren’s motivation. It is strongly believed that the suicide bomber was not working alone.

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