Epidemic Claims Another Casualty

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Piper Trevellion
Piper Trevellion

Medical personnel from the epidemic quarantine camp have confirmed the death of local pizzeria manager, Piper Rianne Trevellion (nee Delvalle), 28 who passed away late Monday evening; reportedly from multi-system organ failure due to complications of her illness. Trevellion is not the first to die in the epidemic, although dozens are reported to be symptomatic.

Trevellion, a native of Kansas – has lived in Hathian for the past seven years during which she has accumulated a significant criminal history including kidnap, sexual assault, attempted murder and more. Trevellion was also a prime suspect in the disappearance and subsequent death of HGH RN, Aeryn Rhys. In spite of her multiple arrests, Trevellion was convicted only once three years ago on an assault charge concerning the HPD Captain, Hendrich Andel – a crime for which she spent three months in the Hathian Correctional Facility (no longer operational).

Garyth & Piper Trevellion

Her colorful history with the law aside, those who considered Trevellion a friend are nevertheless, devastated by her untimely demise.

Piper married some years ago to long-time partner and local artist, Garyth James Trevellion who is reportedly still being held for treatment at the quarantine camp where medical personnel are confident he will make a full recovery.

Piper Trevellion is survived by her step-father, Vincent Delvalle (53), mother, Theodora Rose (45), half-sisters Play Oleander (23) and Lacey Oleander (25), husband, Garyth Trevellion (30), and son, Aleksandr Poliatevskia (7). She joins in death her father, Nathan Aldrin, cousin, David Aldrin, and two children.

Per CDC regulations, Trevellion’s remains were cremated within hours of her death. Her ashes have been claimed by her step-father, Vincent Delvalle who has said that his daughter will be laid to rest in Kansas, where she was born and raised. In lieu of flowers or cards, Delvalle has requested that those wishing to honor Piper’s life make a donation to the Louisiana Institute of Disease Research in Piper’s name.

The Pie Hole Pizzeria will now be seeking new management.

((OOC NOTE: Piper Delvalle-Trevellion (piper.delvalle) is not really dead. This is an IC plot. Piper will still be heading up the Phantoms as well as managing the Rub N Tug Massage Parlor. Those who know she is still alive IC will notified.))

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