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Dear Observer,

On the rare occasion that I do decide to pick up a paper, probably because I’m some sort of masochist and need to be subjugated to how much exactly the world is going to hell, I get offered a piece of the pie so to speak of an interview with two “commendable” police officers. Did anybody actually look into these two officers before the interview?

I personally have run into and seen BOTH of these officers. Besides my personal experience of being unfairly judged, being illegally searched and asked for ID, which if not for some good samaritan, we would have probably landed in jail or worse, just look at what have been said in the interviews! I have personally seen one of the officers try and pick up a hooker. How can we expect officers of the law to uphold it when they themselves are openly committing crimes? As quoted from the one of the officers, “it’s time for people to see what it takes to protect the community from criminals”. Well, who is going to protect us from the police?

“But they can only succeed in doing so if the members of the community are willing to give new recruits – such as Officers Gutter and Bearlow – a chance to prove themselves” – I hope these officers take this advice and turn it around before its too late.


Not bat shit crazy enough to sign this letter.

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