Body Found in Black Lotus

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Body of unidentified victim taken away by paramedics in body bag.

The Black Lotus was the scene of a suspected murder as the body of an unidentified Caucasian female, thought to be in her twenties, was found there today. Police were notified and the body was taken away by the paramedics, although it is not clear if any witnesses were at the scene of the crime when murder was carried out. An alleged “signature” – a name carved on the body as a tag for the murderer – was made out to spell the word “Tinker“. The body had been badly mutilated and the eyes of the victim seem to have been gouged out.

Paramedics called to the restaurant Black Lotus in Hathian.

There will be an autopsy carried out on the body which will help to identify the victim and what ultimately caused her death, although it clearly looks as if she was attacked, with one of the emergency service staff guessing that it might even have been a box cutter, as the wounds were not long and had cut cleanly into the victim’s body.  The murder may well have been gang related, with many arrests pertaining to gang related crime and many assaults related to gang conflicts. The “tag” on the body seems to point to this conclusion, although when more will be known when there is more information released. If anyone has seen or witnessed anything in relation to the attack in the Black Lotus opposite the record store, then please come forward and contact the Hathian Police Department.


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