Carson McAndrews – Remembered

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On Wednesday the 4th of April 2012, Carson McAndrews a former HPD officer, beloved father and friend, passed away at Hathian General Hospital after fighting an aggressive cancer with little time left. The cancer was brought on by smoking, the lung cancer had spread throughout his body, and chemotherapy had little to be desired. In his hospital bed, he managed to say his last wishes to one of his sons, Zembel Verpatus, whom could not be reached at the present time. Carson McAndrews was often believed to have strayed down a dark path of deceit and murder during his time with the HPD, with him taking the life of his own wife and child. His four children, Zembel Verpatus, Ray McAndrews, Rebecca McAndrews, and Corah Benoit have since requested to not be disturbed, but through persistence have given details that they are planning to accumulate the possessions and money made in his will from the Christopher Devon Law Firm and to bury their late father within the coming week.

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