Doctor’s Murderer Frames HPD Officers

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Written by: Vivienne C. and Rhys Pentewyn Jr.

On February 8th an envelope that contained graphic images of murdered Dr Anna “Red” Novac and an anonymous note from a person claiming that they were a witness to the murder was delivered to Hathian Observer. The witness claimed that they saw Officer Carter Ellis and Officer Charles Bolo suspiciously fleeing the scene.

We reached out to HPD for an inquiry regarding this, and we received the following statement:

Suffice it to say that it was an unsatisfactory kneejerk response, where HPD’s first instinct was to cover the backs of their officers rather than offer transparent responses to the public. We investigated to determine who and more importantly why Dr. Novak was murdered in cold blood.

Through our research, we uncovered a far darker story beneath the surface of a gruesome murder. Dr. Novak also known as Red, used to run an organ trafficking operation called the “Red Circle”. Despite numerous efforts to discover more about the circle, there was little information to be found about the extent of its network or who could have sought revenge or eliminated competition by killing Dr.Novak. There is no evidence to suggest that the network is still operational.

It took until February 20th for HPD to announce that Carmen Mendoza (a woman who was previously speculated to have murdered an HPD officer) was arrested for the first-degree murder of Dr Novak. She has posted bail and was released from custody. Mendoza is roaming free awaiting court proceedings.

Given the recent backlash against HPD’s sexual crimes and violations, this could be a dangerous development where criminals attempt to appear justified in committing crimes by blaming HPD or implicating them even if perhaps it is not true.

Stay Safe Hathians!

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