Update: Backwaters Cult Murders

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Readers will likely remember our recent article on the murders that were plaguing backwaters. There was a suggestion that they were cult linked with the Laveau Sheriff’s Department reaching out to all residents of Laveau and the wider Hathian area to see if some of the victims could be identified. You can read the story again as a refresher here if required.

News comes to the Observer from Detective Derryth of the LSD that there is an update in the case.

Jane Doe 1 – Lila Bouvier.

Did you know Lila? A student from Columtreal University, she had been registered as missing and any and all information on her, her associates or family would be welcome. Contact Detective Derryth with more details.

Maybe you know who she hung out with? Maybe you know her last movements? Help out to find a murderer and prevent future crimes against the CU and wider community

Jane Doe 2 – Lauren Corrigan.

Having recently left home after family issues she was also in the missing person database. Carrying a fake ID we understand that she had not set down any roots and was estranged from family. The LSD believe she was picked up by the murderer almost as soon as she set down in Hathian.

Perhaps you met her on a bus, an average sized blond woman around 5ft 5 inches in her late teens to early 20s? If you did contact the detective.

((Contact Nikki Derryth (lamia.derryth) is offline. for IC RP and OOC queries!))

The Crime scene (inside and the Graveyard) where the victims were found
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