Warning: Hoppers on the Prowl…

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By: Vivienne C.

Lenore Hopper appeared at the Observer unannounced to place an advertisement with the paper. She wanted the public in Hathian to know of her ‘Devourers Divine’. Apparently this obscure deity has spoken to Lenore and directed her to find a child on earth; a mortal, walking on human feet, bearing on its shoulders the weight of destiny and godly benefaction.

The child is in fact a young woman. Lenore provided us with this blurred photograph and while initially, I anticipated that I was being trolled, as more details were given, I became certain that there is a ritual that may be taking place soon, which could mean that this woman is in danger and that there is a premediated crime about to happen.

“The chapel of Srrrfff Srrrfff might be a burden to the tongues of the flock, so worshipping the devourers is fine for now! But it is urgent, if the saviour is not prepared and baptized, the wrath will fall on Hathian and the flood when the kraken rises will be devastating.

Put the photo of the chosen one into its parchment scroll it sells, write that anyone finding the herald of the old many legged gods, and brings her to the cottage near the pier, blowing a horn that hangs there, will be well rewarded. The Hoppers have found some gold they will share for such a selfless act! But it must happen soon, this weekend!”

Lenore Hopper

I urge you, my fellow citizens to be vigilant as anyone with a similar description might be in danger should the person in the photograph was not taken. The woman in the photo was traced down by myself and alerted to this. HPD has also been made aware.

Protect each other, look out for suspicious behaviour and should you see or hear anything do report to HPD and reach out to the Observer team, who will be keeping an eye on this.

Stay safe!

Update: ‘Srrfff’s Divine’ responds

“As the woman threatened and photographed by Lenore Hopper I would like to state my objection to the reckless article published today by the Hathian Observer which has only added to the current danger for myself and others who may resemble my appearance.

The Observer were under no obligation to publish this article, and in doing so have potentially motivated any number of criminal individuals in the parish to join the Hoppers’ ‘hunt’.

If anything should happen to me, or to any other young, brunette female within the borders of Hathian over this weekend, the Observer should take its own portion of blame for fanning the flames of violence. Actions have consequences.

Be safe, please.”


As Editor we take the safety of readers seriously. As noted, our reporter went to talk to this woman and HPD to ensure step(s) were taken on her safety. However when confronted with an armed Hopper and in the interests of advising citizens to be wary of Lenore and her group, we felt it was appropriate to publish. Never-the-less we are happy to carry the potential Divine’s response above. – Daiyu

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