HGH Christmas Party – Surprise Meat Of Two Varieties

Reader, the Observer promised you one more Christmas Surprise and we’ve delivered.

Let’s start with the Reindeer that burst into the HGH Christmas Party this week and caused havoc across the dance floor. While we understand that eventually officers were able to deal with the animal (word is that it didn’t become Reindeer Burger) there were some minor injuries reported as perhaps inebriated party-goers attempted to calm it down and instead received the horn.

Speaking Of Horns

Or other phallic things… in a spur of the moment potentially rash decision, Dale the FDH Chief was seen dancing in a fetching green elf outfit when he spotted Zeek, the blonde bombshell from the casket who was currently, Pokemon-Style in his unevolved form. With Zeek Fetching a Christmas sweater and a sock… the assembled audience had two questions and it was up to Dale to act on them.

  • First: How was the sock held on (tape? Gum? Glue? Something else sticky?)
  • Second: Was there stuffing in the sock, of just was the sock stuffed by Zeek?

According to Carly, our resident Sex ‘Advice’ columnist Hathian is blessed with men who are often more endowed than the average, but with no gossip around Zeek out there some of the assembled wanted to know more.

It was left to Dale to finger it and find out and he did this in a graceful dance move that involved grabbing Zeek’s sock and jerking it off.

Reader, some, (who don’t know me) call me a prude (I prefer reserved), but let me say for the record, that’s a good girthy member which Zeek can be proud of. There was a particular contrast when, perhaps to get a better look another member of the party came over allowing us to compare bulge.

Maybe Zeek doesn’t like to wear trousers for health reasons.

The Party Continues

As well as Zeek’s Baubles there were a huge number of Hathian Citizens at the party that despite the presence of the Deer contributed to the Toy Drive and had a generally amazing time under the musical care of Poppy.

The Observer wishes you all a fantastic Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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