A funeral pyre boat, with a body in a shroud, surrounded by mementos of life.

Like a Viking – Mu Yheng Takes His Last Journey

The Observer, (from a safe vantage point) attended the funeral of Mu Yheng. Having previously announced his death, this newspaper felt it was only right to comment on his send-off such as it was.

While we weren’t close enough to hear any meaningful conversation for reasons of employee safety and thus didn’t hear the words of memory from the mourners, we did catch just a few choice words (and screams?) that came across the water.

We observed how a motely collection of people approached the small shape of Tori, who with the help of the distance was replaced in our editor’s view with some doll like innocence as we watched her conduct the funeral service.

The usually towering figure of Nyx, the voluptuous figure of Tabitha and many of the Yheng family via our zoom lens were reduced to a size that put the funeral into the realms of the sad, rather than the scary. Perhaps the scale reduced the ‘big bads’ to their more appropriate size in the Universe with Mu’s funeral barge dwarfed by the sea.

The mourners attend as the boat is lit on fire.

Legends Never Die

In Hathian, the good, the bad and the ugly mix together. They struggle, strive and compete to see who will be rich, safe, loved or whatever it is that gets them off. Overall, it is often the legends that people remember the most (whether they are dead or alive). Did Mu make up there to the top? Is he rubbing shoulders with Kakihara Henusaki, perhaps chasing the dead with his namesake Jin Kohime a well publicised rapist, or counting the bodies with the Headless Harvester… Hathian will decide.

As the words “Eat Shit HPD” drifted across the water, this newspaper sees yet another quest land in the ‘inbox’ of Tori and her ilk. Apparently blowing up a hospital wasn’t the endgame content, so sadly (and with apprehension) this newspaper hopes the town holds a line.

As the funeral barge caught alight we did however catch the faint sound of screams from it... Read into that what you will, but with HPD and HGH (and others) not admitting to a body from Mu and it being unthinkable that Tori would burn Mu… Anyone missing in town? Hathian. Fuck.

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