The Paramasturbatory Evolution of the Jungian Mind

A Social Science Study at Columtreal University

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by Carly Cox, Business, Social Science and Advanced Sex-ed educator at Columtreal University

A new social science study aiming to bring Columtreal University to the forefront of social science, has launched this week.


The Paramasturbatory Evolution of the Jungian Mind is a study that seeks to unlock the inherent but hidden qualities locked away in the subconscious realm of the mind also referred to as “Shadows” by Carl Jung,

Through a method called “Hyperconceptualization” invented by Miss Cox, the student will engage with one another in ways that will challenge their comfort zones to unlock untapped potential of personal growth within a controlled learning environment around campus and Hathian alike. All interactions will be documented using the scientific method and held to the highest standards of The Evidence Hierarchy.

Cumintreal University – An Ivy League educational institution! (Says who, just the cheer team? – Ed?)

Creating and completing studies like these, as well as others in other academic fields, will bring CU the international renown it has deserved for many years, The brightest minds of all of Hathian are already enrolled at Columtreal University, granting a clear advantage for scientific breakthroughs compared to other local universities. Teaching these young bright minds how to further develop not only themselves, but society as a whole, will not just better the University itself, but all of Hathian, Louisiana and ‘Murica.

This will naturally also unlock greater funding through subsidized federal grants, necessary to improve the academic potential for even further scientific advances.

We at Columtreal University are ready to conquer the future of Science!

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