Known Rapist Found Dead

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Earlier this morning, Friday the 30th of August, the body of Jin aka, “The Worm” Kohime was found in the alley near the laundry mat. Kohime was found by the garbage crew as they went to empty the dumpster.

“We were just doing our normal route when we saw this body slumped up against the wall. At first I thought it was just a homeless hobo, passed out or something. My partner told me to leave him but I wanted to check on him just in case. I nudged him and he fell on over.”  As spoken by the garbage man.

They also noted the man stank of alcohol. As first responders arrived at the scene, they examined the body to find it cold and lifeless. A syringe hung out of his arm, hinting at a possible overdose as cause. Coroners pronounced him at the scene and no further investigation is thought to be sought beyond the autopsy.

Many may remember The Worm from a slew of rapes several years back, including that of a girl named Mouse, Sunhi Gavilan and a few others unable to be used in this article. He was charged and served some time in prison for the death of Lo Inaka, former CU Student as well as a slew of other crimes ranging from armed robbery, assault, assault on a police officer, sexual assault, distribution of drugs, drug use, kidnapping and forgery. Subject was also a well-known member of the gang, the Rejects.

At time of death, Jin had kept a low profile and hadn’t been spotted in public as much, with last arrest record being back in June. After the autopsy, state will dispose of body via cremation due to lose family affiliations.  With this known rapist at peace, maybe that means the streets will be just a tad safer and one less possible rapist at large.

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