Who Is This Stranger?

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A strange blonde woman was spotted in Hathian today as she pulled her full, heavy suitcase behind her. She stopped, pausing, looking here and there, taking the sights of the city in. Many questioning looks went after the slim blonde, although for now the residents of the City kept themselves to themselves and didn’t speak to her.

What was this woman looking for here in the slums? Her clothes didn’t look like they came from one of the ‘lower social classes’ (Ed – if you’re in Hathian and you’re not Angel or a few like him, we’re all in the same boat, all painted with the same brush). Does she have something to hide or is she on the run? Where will she work and how will she survive?

Well dear reader, I am that woman and I can reassure you that I am harmless. My name is Bryjana Thoredottier and I was born in Northern Europe but have most recently been living and working in L.A. I received my master’s degree in journalism from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) with honours and as you may expect, have in this City come to the Observer as a natural place to work.

Hathian; Readers of the Observer, I’m looking forward to many interesting stories and I hope for the cooperation of the people here as I turn my attention to a place that features in many whispers on the wind.

– Bryjana Thoredottier

((Contact: Bryjana Thoredottier (amphitrite.charisma) in world for stories))

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