Student Attacked On Campus

Attack on student leads to questions about campus security and safety

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Columtreal University at night looking a bit spooky
CU at night can be a forbidding place

Daria Lubezki Attacked

On the 1st of May 2023 an attempted abduction of a student was reported on the Columtreal Campus.

HPD and CUPD officers responded and found the student, Daria Lubezki injured and hand-cuffed by a perpetrator who she had managed to injure. The male suspect

Daria on the beach with two friends on either size.
Daria Lubezki with friends at Batterie Beach before the attack

The Observer caught up with the injured student in hospital to find out what happened:

Daria: “There was a Big man with tattoos. Exley was chasing him when I was wheeled away, I think. I was walking home after being in the lab all weekend and I wanted to get home as I needed to do my TikTok for the day. He came at me, tried to get me to go with him to his car. Said his wrist was hurt. When I didn’t go with him, he pulled a knife. Then things got fast. I bled him, he punched me. I bit him. He ran.”

Observer: “So a bad guy attacks you in the college campus unprovoked, you fought back and bravely defended yourself. You’re my a hero”

Daria “Another student helped me. Roman… Roman Caldwell. Can you mention that his helped likely saved me a few more bruises?”

Of course the Observer is happy to celebrate any brave student and Roman is welcome to call in a favour with us as and when needed. So if you see this fine young man around be sure to know he’s got your back if you need it:

Roman Caldwell taken as a photo at an Observer event.
Roman as photographed by the Observer. A brave student involved in intervening against the kidnap attempt

HPD & CUPD Announce Campus Safety Drill

An HPD representative working in conjunction with the CUPD announced that on the 28th May 2023 there would be a campus safety drill where simulated emergency services responses would be undertaken to ensure the protection of Campus staff, property and students. Volunteers to assist in the event are asked to contact HPD Officer Landon Fyre ((MDCLXVI)) or Liam Exley ((TobyMacs)) if they can participate. Further details, including timings will be announced in due course. The Observer recommends students attend to know what to do in the event of an emergency. For those with short memories the campus, the Observer archives have details of a range of brutal crimes ( 1 2 3 4 and there are more) that mean all students should take this warning seriously.

“I’m not really worried about my safety and even if I were I can’t say I’d rely on the University for my safety. And I’m out here at 3 am or earlier every day since the first day I got here and the one thing I’ve noticed is that nothing happens around here this early.

A female CU staff member Mi-na showing that as far as she is concerned, she’s not worried. Hopefully this article can change her mind.

Wishing you all the safety and protection you need student readers.

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