Columtreal University Student Arrested For Murder, Drug Operation Exposed

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Guisse arrested

   Columtreal University student Iriel Guisse,21, was taken into custody by police at the location of the Greek Rows Apartments nearby the college, when it was discovered that Guisse had murdered local drug dealer, Lucas Patel.

Patel had called 911 to the apartments as he tried to flee from Guisse, who had chased him with a broken bottle only to bring out a knife and then ended up stabbing Patel in the back several times while on top of him, which is how Detective Gutter and Officer Moonshadow found the two when they were able to arrive on scene. “She was on the second floor balcony had nowhere to run, so she surrendered when I had the taser on her,” stated the Detective as he described how the two law enforcement officers were able to apprehend the criminal.

marijuana plants

With Guisse in cuffs, the detective and officer were able to discover a drug operation that Guisse had been running from the privacy of her apartment. The Hathian Observer was able to get into contact with Guisse, who admitted that she’d had some personal involvement with Patel before things escalated, with Guisse receiving eviction notices and Patel trying to manipulate her. “He was beginning to take advantage of the way I had felt for him and my addiction, and was trying to buy the house before I could to take over my little gig.” Guisse freely admitted she’d been dealing drugs on campus, revealing that her business had been successful because, ” I was the only dealer on campus, so there was no competition, and I was also selling out of the Titty Twister, so people would buy when they were drunk or knew I was working there.” Guisse also revealed that the victim had been abusive towards her. ” Lucas would come over and he was verablly abusive and a few times he ended up hitting me…he would slap me if I wouldn’t give him pot for free.” She claimed that Patel also threatened her younger brother, and for these reasons, she snapped when she had taken all she could handle, and ended up killing Patel in the heat of the moment. “Well the night it happened, he totaled my car that I let him borrow, he told me he wasn’t going to pay for it to be fixed. I was high at the time, so it quickly escalated. I told him to leave my house and get the hell out of my life. He told me if that’s what I wanted, he would call the cops and would find my brother…that’s the point I lost it. I picked a bottle and threw it at him.”

Guisse arrested

“He ran out of the house and I grabbed another bottle. it was at that point I saw him on the phone, he was obviously calling the police, so I tried to throw the bottle again at him. He called me a psycho bitch.. I went inside and grabbed the knife and went back outside to look for him, he tripped back and was on his back, I knew it was the only time I would be able to make him feel what he made me feel..” Guisse revealed and stated that she “only did this to protect myself, little brother and those around me, I’m not a monster or a bad person, I just got caught up in a bad situation and I’m trying to make myself a better person.” Guisse did give herself up and was taken away by Detective Gutter and Officer Moonshadow, who also made a clear sweep of the apartment and confiscated the drug apparatus as well as the marijuana.

With the victim dead and unable to defend his name, it is only Guisse’s account that remains and Patel’s details remain sketchy. A local dealer, who sold cocaine and heroin as well as marijuana,  it seemed that he was trying to undermine Guisse who had a successful drug trade going on onsite at the university-and even in the Titty Twister bar – by buying the residence in which Guisse was living. Guisse – who was released on bail –  admits that she snapped and was unable to think clearly and seems to regret that things went so far, but is happy that her brother and herself remain safe from Patel. Detective Gutter has indicated that there will be more focus on the campus and surrounding areas of the university since a low police presence has enabled things like these to happen, stating that; “sometimes these students get out of line, but we are going to focus more on the university and the students to make sure things like this don’t happen again.”

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