STAFF WANTED: La Cassaforte – Hathian’s newest casino

Grand Business Opening event to be revealed soon! Contact Stefano Romano to be part of this lucrative employment opportunity

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La Cassforte Logo

Hathian’s newest, most exclusive and trendiest casino is soon to open. Staff for many positions are wanted, read below for some of them:

Casino work: Do you know how to work tables, how to unjam slot machines and generally be a croupier or other floor worker?

Bar work: There is plenty of work for waiters, waitresses, bar staff and managers.

Security: As a casino, we deal in money and dreams of riches which all need protection. So if you work in security, come sign-up for a well paying role.

Dancers: Are you ok to show a little skin, walk the floor, dance on stage if needed for our customers? Our security will keep you safe and you’ll have rich clientele to impress.

The Observer promises to have a review soon when we’re allowed access, but based on what we heard from the owner, it’s looking like a great new venue for Hathian!

For further information contact Stefano Romano ((tobias.mercury)) via phone ((phone number provided for IM)) or visit the Pie Hole Pizzeria which is also part of our Group of companies and speak to Stefano there.

((This is a genuine new build that looks great, if keen speak to Stefano))

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