Dr. Donovan Quintis MD
The Doctor, posing for the Observer at the CU beach party.

Harm Prevention: Dr. Donovan Quintis MD

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Letter from Dr. Donovan Quintis MD to the Hathian Observer Editor:

Dear Miss. Tang: I met with one of your photographers today; DarkStalker Darkfold. We were talking about a project I am heading up in Hathian, or rather, that I wish to and he told me to reach out to you with a letter stating what my project is.

I have an organization that raises funds for Harm Reduction. This is a fairly new concept all over the world.

I created the organization back home in Madrid and after hearing about the city here, I was hoping to spread the help further. (Editor: Hathian clearly needs harm reduction!)

If you do not know, harm reduction is about helping those in need, more often than not, people who are addicted to drugs. Though we also aim to help the homeless, the mentally unstable and anyone else who might otherwise be discriminated against.

We do not push rehabilitation. What we do is provide safer ways for people to live. For example, overdose kits and instructions to use them, clean needle exchanges, cleaner ways to do the drug with fresh supplies and most often with observation. Other things are supplied such as condoms and so forth, things that can help reduce harm for residents. We try to help reduce dependencies and addictions of course, but there is no pressure for them to stop cold turkey.

We are often on call in cases of an overdose, an inconsolable patient or even prisoners. As a medical Doctor, and Doctor of Psychiatry I also help with prescription remedies and control, and therapy. We can be seen anywhere from hospitals, music festivals and back alleys. Helping out those people who need it.

My hope also, is to educate people, get rid of the stigmas around those in need, and to get other medical professionals and even law enforcement, on board. I personally approach leaders and individuals to talk with them, and spread the knowledge.

The numbers of decreased suicides and over doses is not something to laugh at either. I have attached an example of some statistics from Canada, a well recognised and successful programme.

Harm Reduction statistics from Canada
Source: public material provided by the University of Victoria (BC)

I will help on foot and in person, as well as take appointments and walk ins at HGH any time.

I hope this helps explain what I am doing and I hope your readers are interested in finding out more. I can be contacted at ((E-mail: donovan.placebo)).

Dr. Donovan Quintis, MD and Doctor of Psychiatry.

A quick meeting with the good doctor

The Observer caught up with the doctor at the CU Beach Party where we snapped the photos in this article, but also asked for a few words from him (and his bodyguard) who he explained was there due to the dangerous associated with his work. The bodyguard, who appeared to be a Kiwi from the greeting he gave our editor was rocking some fairly big guns… arms and weapons. The doctor clearly needs his safety net! Our editor asked about this:

Donovan: “I do not do what I do, armed. It’s too dangerous. Some of the folks I help can be suicidal and try to go for the weapon. So Zeek watches my back for me in the uh…more seedy areas. He’s my Guard dog.”

Daiyu: “I was going to try and get a few quotes from you to go in the article. Maybe you can tell me something that would be a hook and something that would close the article?”

Donovan: “Well what I am doing is to help those in need that are otherwise discriminated against. Addicts, homeless, LGBTQ and so on. With no forced rehabilitation, and no judgment. Just giving safer ways to be themselves. It’s really very effective.

Law enforcement can only do so much, that’s where I come in, even in prisons if I can. I walk the streets and work out of the hospital, just depends. Even offer therapy if need be and it’s all free. My organization pays for it. Non profit.

I’m actually hoping to have an event out of the hospital or anywhere really, shit even a beach party again. To get the word out further.”

The doctor (right) and his bodyguard (left) pictured at the CU Beach Party by the Observer

Editor note: All’s well that ends with cute ER doctors I always say

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