Whispers From the Locker Room: CU’s Secret Stripper

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By CU Gossipgirl

It’s me again Looters. Pour yourself a wine and come closer while we chat.

Did you hear about the notoriously shy girl, who wouldn’t say boo to a mouse? Lets call her J.

You sometime see her in class, keeping to herself, maybe sharing a picture in photography if she’s feeling brave.

What if I told you, Looters, that it’s all an act and that shy, quiet J is like a reverse superhero who takes OFF her costume at night in places like the Titty Twister?

Maybe you’ve seen her dancing, under her pseudonym. Maybe you even tipped her after gaining beer goggles from too many drinks.

No big deal, I hear you say? What college girl hasn’t danced at the Twister to earn a few extra bucks on the side or run their webcam out of Spanky’s. In Hathian, Columtreal and the surrounding towns, it’s a legitimate career even if Louisiana law may not agree.

But that’s my point. Why hide it? Here of all places. No-one cares who is taking their clothes of in these parishes, it’s more suspicious if you’re keeping them on.

What else has she got to conceal? How many other secrets are lurking in that head of hers. If she keeps this a secret, can you trust her at all?

Does she have strict parents, or maybe she’s part of a religious cult?

Will she be shunned if this is made public and have gangs of people on the street yelling at her “shame, shame!?”

It takes a secret to know a secret, J.

Or is it R?

As always, I’m watching. I’m listening.

xoxo CU Gossipgirl

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