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MISSING – Maxim Pink (Large Reward!)

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The HPD have made me aware that the son of well known Hathian Celebrity David Pink has gone missing and has been missing for at least ten days. With Maxim Pink missing, a large reward has been sponsored for his safe return. Anyone with information or able to facilitate his return should contact the HPD who will treat witnesses sensitively.

With the HPD following up a number of leads they have however asked the Observer to make the disappearance (and reward) more widespread and as well as featuring the missing persons poster, the Observer has also reviewed some recent Twitter activity that may jog memories.


On Twitter, Delphine has been looking for information related to Maxim. Hathian rumours indicate that Delphine is a member of the KSB and with our recent reporting showing her closely ‘associated’ with another FDH member of staff who reported Maxim as missing, the Observer assumes their angle is benign?

David Pink, who the Observer understands adopted Maxim posted this request for information, calling Maxim’s disappearance ‘very annoying’. Somewhat surprisingly when given the opportunity to publish details in the Observer, David remained silent, leaving reporting of this to the Observer to come from HPD. However he has robustly pushed back against Maxine…

Maxine made the rather blunt point that Maxim might not *want* to be found or that other foul play was involved. The Observer is sure that the HPD will be following up all relevant leads here.

Various other Hathian citizens were involved in conversations including known miscreants, kidnappers and general citizens. It’s going to be a tangled mix, but at the end of the day the Observer trusts that somewhere among you is someone who wants $25k more than they want to hurt someone’s son. Do the right thing, return him to his father or drop him at HPD or even the Observer and claim your reward and salve your conscience.

As usual, our reporters are here for any hints, tips, missing persons or general news requests. Reach out at the Observer offices in either Hathian centrally or down at the University depending on your needs.

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