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Z at the Hathian Ball
Z wearing her trademark mask at the Hathian Ball

by Girl Behind the Lens – Daiyu Tang

Dear readers, Daiyu Tang here with a profile of one of the more eccentric, but probably not imminently dangerous citizens of Hathian. Now before any Z fans or the lady herself takes issue with that comment, there’s a difference between chainsaw wielding ‘imminent’ danger of certain Hoppers contrasted against the quiet menace that Z projects whether through spoken word, body language or threats against people via Twitter.

So, some of you may remember me walking Hathian last year for Citizen photographs. I stopped that when certain ‘Citizens’ decided to either steal the camera or turned out to be perverts. So anyway dear readers, what I do now is arrange to meet and interview celebrities, socialites or other interesting people in Hathian. I’ve covered Bocephus and then through various business reviews, profiled people like Ryder but today promises to be as interesting, ‘Z’ is well known to some of you but was much less well for me being a relatively recent arrival to Hathian (Note to Editor: I’ve survived nearly a year… pay rise from $0 please?).

Why Z?

Let me give you just a little bit of insight, why did I pick Z to reach out and engage with? Well, her Twitter was quite interesting. Masks and photos and some veiled and not so veiled threats. I’ll also note she got into some almighty twitter spats with Nuku Fabers and I thought it was pretty brave of someone to risk displeasure in that quarter. Here’s a few recently, but if you scroll Z’s twitter she has been posting for years, with nearly 3,500 tweets! A few breaks from Hathian here and there, but always returning to the City. I think if you go even further back, you’d find some more ‘origin’ story and a few of the transformations that she’s undergone through the way. I’d wanted to ask about the metal hand, but ran out of time in the interview, maybe Twitter has the secret if you care to look!

Screenshots from Z's twitter
Z on a good day on Twitter

I also thought that some of the photos taken by Z or by those near here were interesting. There was the towering presence of ‘Nyx’ in some of them, a lady I had the pleasure of also meeting during the interview and then of course there was her relationship with ‘V’, someone who also seems to have various interesting dealings in Hathian, including being involved with the newest hotel project… (Where’s my tour if you’re reading V!). But I guess, what tipped me from ‘want’ to ‘need’ to interview was the choice Z made to post topless recently. She didn’t come across as thirsty on Twitter or in our interview and instead it was a strong post, a ‘look at me and I don’t care if you judge me post’… I was intrigued, those were a lot of scars and that particular look she had.

Z posing nearly naked - body positive
Z’s body positive Twitter post

Our Meeting & Interview

We met in Spankys, as part of my last few shifts of work there. It is and will always be a comforting environment and I think our event, nyotaimori (which Zofia so ably provided the plate for) provided an interesting and memorable background to the conversation. In the background other customers, the owner and her guests came and went, fortunately allowing the interview to continue without interruption. This wasn’t a recorded interview, so there’s a few chances I missed responses, but overall, it’s paints the picture of Z I had and I hope she finds it true to her memory. We sat together at the table, started our sushi and got into it:

Daiyu Tang (GBTL): “So, it’s a pleasure to meet you, you’re like a third of my Twitter feed these days… so I’m really just fascinated about you and your other half. Maybe we could start with your return to Hathian, your clear and fast integration with some and fights with others and then perhaps and most interesting for an introduction, why ‘Z’ and ‘V’ and what’s your background?”

‘Z’: “Well the reason for my return? Simply put I missed it. I know this isn’t exactly the nicest place on Earth but that’s why I enjoy it, it’s interesting. I’m not quite sure how I’ve become as ‘integrated’ as I have, I just bump into people and get caught up in whatever it is they’re doing.”

Z I noticed, had sharpened teeth and a smile that if the moonlight was just right would likely give you a few shivers. I tried not to stare at her.

‘Z’: “I’m not quite sure why she took the ‘V’ mantle on but myself? I went through a stage of wanting to keep myself anonymous and the name kind of stuck but my real name is no secret; it’s Zoey Elizabeth Adachi-Martiel.”

While I was starting the questions, I saw that her friend she had come with, who I found out was called Nyx was also quite interesting and set a mental reminder to ask her a few now and maybe some later. I would also later see them together at the Hathian Ball. I wondered… friend, bodyguard, servant, ex-lover? Lots to unpack!

Daiyu: “So Adachi…. I’ve seen that name mentioned quite a bit before, both at the moment on Twitter and then going back many years as I did research around Hathian. So, maybe a little bit about Adachi would be interesting, big name, big history? I know you also said you came back because it was interesting, but it was also around the time the Scarlett Hand came around, can you tell me a little more about them, I was wondering what the link was.”

Readers, I have to ask people who talk about kidnapping and stuff, I mean, after all good leads don’t tend to come around all that often. Perhaps Z knew a bit? It was also at this time that two people that I don’t think I should be alone with in a room walked in, but cold sweat aside (be proud of me please that I didn’t burst into anger or tears please reader) we managed to continue with the interview, although it was apparent Z picked up on a little of the tension.

Z: “Yes, I believe they’re a family that goes back in these parts quite a while but as far as I know it is only me and Mr Takeshi who remain, and I only have that name through marriage. Sadly, I am no expert on their history, in fact my wife herself has mostly moved away from them. I just liked the name so decided to take it. Now that question about the Hand, that’s a question that could get someone in a lot of trouble. But take it as just a coincidence, although I do find that whole thing rather remarkable. No, my only interaction with whoever runs that account was purchasing someone from him; to take someone rather than allow one of the monsters of this town buying her instead.”

This I believe was the auction of Nuku Fabers. I’d wondered what had become of her, but the tweets and acrimony between Z and Nuku led me to conclude that she’d decided to get involved there. I’d leave her to work that out with Camden. Too scary.

Daiyu: “So, maybe you can give me a view then of the gangs or groups you interact with then? Surely you have been clear on Twitter that you bought from the auction, and I think it’s fairly clear who. Did that endear you with the brother or are you making more enemies left, right and centre? And on the Hand, it was rather a co-incidence, but ok, so you said it’s a question that could get someone in trouble? Me? You? I’ve already started to write their article, they’re just another Group in the shadows, they’ll out themselves eventually. Shadows have habit of fading away either because the sun moves, or in this town the night is darker and consumes them…”

Stay tuned readers, there’s been a potential breakthrough on the Scarlett Hand article, but when I met Z I hadn’t made the progress yet. Watch the Observer in the coming weeks as we maybe have an exposé for you!

Daiyu: “Ok, so lots of mystery here, but also I get the sense you’re pretty accomplished at your own dealings, what’s the thing you’re doing at the moment you are most proud?”

Z: “Well I’m still getting to grips with everyone around here, I only really know a few of them? Only one I’ve really butted heads with is that piddling little group that seems to be starting up but I’m not sure if you’d call them a gang, more nuisance. If the ‘brother’ you’re referring to is who I think it is I’ve yet to meet the gentleman but I’m hoping he’d be grateful for rescuing his sister from whatever beast would have taken her instead of me.”

I wondered if Camden would think of it this way, but trying to think like him is beyond my skills readers. I guess Z will just have to wait and see.

Z: “Both of us could get into trouble; if I was associated with the Hand and said it aloud for your wonderful readers… Well, that would definitely get a target on my back as well as yours and I’d rather not see either of us go up for auction. What am I most proud of, currently? The thing I’m most proud of is getting myself out there. When I was here before I kept myself to myself, in the shadows so to speak; I didn’t associate with the gangs or groups of this fine town. This time? I like to think my name is getting out there with the various denizens of Hathian. For better or for worse.”

Daiyu: “Well, one small Group I guess, they can grow or fall… I’m surprised you’ve not met the Hoppers yet, although I have seen that their numbers rise and fall like the seasons…. It’s a good thing to be proud of, getting out and about. Sometimes… travel or return… I guess your hope might come true, or it might not, but you probably have more tact than I do, so here’s to hoping it does. Sensitive man. Very.”

Z: “Oh I’ve bumped into the Hoppers once or twice; quite literally at first, one of them swung a baseball bat at me. Thankfully my arm worked as makeshift armour, so I didn’t get too badly hurt. Interesting group from what I’ve heard but I’m not sure our styles would mix well. Who knows though. I just hope people are getting the right impression towards me; be respectful to me and I will be respectful back. I’m always willing to help someone who requires it if they ask politely enough.”

I thought it was about time to finish this, so I asked one final question to introduce Z to you readers… I hope you like her answer, it’s the title of this piece after all!

Daiyu: “What next? Any goals that would be of interest to Hathian citizens, besides being respected? Any business approach you want to tell?”

Z: “Would ‘world domination’ be too much of a cliché answer to my goals? I don’t think advertising my business so openly if the wisest choice. What I will say is if a citizen has heard of what my line of work is and wish to conduct business with me? They know how to contact me.”

So there we have it readers, Z’s introduction… a woman with history, a woman with an interesting choice of companions and someone with clearly an edge to them, a dangerous glint. Anyone who can use their prosthetic to ward off Hein’s bat, or who can justify capturing Nuku Fabers is someone of note. Her partner V and their business venture also seems interesting and well, while I can’t state that Z is therefore ‘clean and wholesome’, in the town of Hathian she seems someone interesting to get time with… I’ll leave that connection up to you readers. Let me know how it goes!

Z and Nyx in the street
Z and her friend Nyx (Credit from Z’s Twitter)
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