Christmas Toy Drive & Silent Auction – Sunday 18th December 2pm (SLT)

After the success of the ball, Maxine turns to her next project

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Maxine in Christmas Outfit
Maxine Montgomery's gets into the Christmas mood with the Observer

by Girl Behind the Lens – Daiyu Tang

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas!

At the Observer we are getting ready on the 1st of December to start opening our advent calendars. While the Observer largesse may only extend to some party hats and bad taste jokes, we trust all of you dear readers have plans and presents lined up and if you don’t, we’ve already told you about Brandie’s Christmas Fair. But now, we can also let you know about Maxine’s next event which has a decidedly Christmas theme!

Many of you attended her lavish masked ball staged a few weeks ago and for those of you who missed out, our very talented Em Bundy put together the following video… Have a look so you can see the beautiful venue and then read on so you can hear about the next event to be staged there!

Credits to Em Bundy for her amazing video skills for the Observer

The big charity Christmas Toy Drive and Auction

With GBTL Daiyu Tang dispatched to see Max about another matter, they also discussed the new event which the Observer is very pleased to support and reproduce here. Please readers if you can, support this worthy cause and show the children of Hathian that they’re loved, cared for and rejected by no one and instead welcomed by all.

GBTL Daiyu Tang: “So Max, great to see you again and thank you for your amazing masked ball. What can you tell me about your next event? I can’t wait to attend!”

Max: “Thanks Daiyu, glad you and Hathian enjoyed it. So, my next event! It’s a toy drive and the party will require people to bring one unwrapped toy for a child to get in. We’ll also be taking extra donations, cash and so on, whatever Hathianites can spare. There’s also going to be a silent auction where the money will be donated to help families in need this holiday season”

Daiyu: “This sounds great! The Observer would love to mention it and if we’re able attend and cover it. Perhaps Em can come and take a few videos again! I really wish that more people did stuff like this… So what kind of auction prizes will you run, donations from businesses?”

Max: “It’s going to be here on Sunday the 18th of December, starting at 2pm ((SLT)). We will have an area set up for the silent auction where places around Hathian can make their stand. Then of course we will have the donation boxes for the toys for the kids. Once the party going well, we will call out winners of the silent auction give them their items and I’ll announce later how much we raised and work on getting gift baskets set up for families in need and getting those toys out.”

This all sounded great, so readers, you’ve heard it here! Sunday the 18th December, 2pm in Max’s ballroom and event venue! We hope to see you there and that you have a magical time and a Merry Christmas.

Max's Invite for the event
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