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Family - you can't reject them

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Xena with her Rejects Tattoo
Xena 'advertising' for her new family.

by Girl Behind the Lens – Daiyu Tang

Xena’s story

Readers, I thought that I’d do another citizen profile in the style of Z or even Landon. A few of you have reached out looking to be featured and Xena Rodriguez was one of them. It must also be said that Xena has had some pretty interesting Twitter Content recently that has perhaps propelled her to the top of the ‘Hathian Trending’ section, if only for a bit. So, as usual, I took my microphone and went to meet Xena in Hathian where it must be said that while the interview went ‘great’, the fact is was interrupted by a very scary man was perhaps karma considering the subject matter. Anyway, hope you enjoy and as always reach out if you want to be featured.

Elucidating you probably requires starting from a review of Xena’s recent Twitter feed to set the context. I mean, it’s certainly been eventful.

  • Firstly, Xena ‘posted’ or rather had someone post this wonderfully photoshopped or costume make-up of her own execution. Now, in the grand scheme of Hathian this does stand out a bit. The Scarlett Hand kidnap and auction, general criminals steal and extort, but somehow Xena got herself ‘executed’, apparently because of HPD Corporal Fyre.
  • Secondly, while then making light of the situation she decided to go for ‘coffee’ wearing a midriff exposing top, with a brand new ‘tattoo’. Of course this generated debate among the Hathian Twitterazi about whether Xena was a Gang member, what was her point in posting this stuff and just why was she being used to pass messages onto Corporal Fyre
  • Thirdly, all this posting seemed to be getting a few important people a little bit miffed. Brandie thought Xena was, despite protestations in a Gang and Layla (now going as Yayla) had this to say:

“You named your cat after him. You stalk his places of businesses. You show off the mark on your stomach proudly, when you should be fucking ashamed. You’re now on his roof in a bikini no doubt with your legs spread. Fuck off Xena”.

Layla (Yayla) Urqhart

Juvenile name calling aside between her and others, it really wasn’t that clear what was going on with Xena these days. It’s December and pictures in a bikini on the roof of the record store? Maybe Layla was onto something… But also maybe this was all part of the bigger picture, but that’s what this interview is going to hopefully uncover. I also admit to feeling bad for Xena, she seems to get the worst of it on Twitter and from what I’ve heard around town. Maybe an interview would be a chance for her to get some weight from her shoulders?

Interview with Xena

Embarrassingly, I had worn my CU Comic Con outfit that day and this interview was at short notice, so rather than cameras and press passes I was sporting a baseball bat and lots of straps. Xena called the outfit ‘cute’ which perhaps wasn’t quite the effect I had been hoping for, but nevermind… I might have to accept the fact that I’ll never be scary, right readers?

GBTL – Daiyu Tang: “Thank you for reaching out to meet, these photos have been something else recently. Would you mind telling me a bit about what’s going on, why you’re sporting a new tattoo and what it means to you. I mean obviously, you’re a victim aren’t you, you’ve upset the Rejects, become part of the bigger story?”

Xena: “Um you know… Rhys and Jarrah and Espi and even Mister P, they all been really good to me. I got nothing but praise for them… I mean, they been so nice to me, I can’t think of better people around Hathian, honestly!”

Daiyu: “So… just, you know play this back to me. You go missing, turn up near the coffee shop with a fake bullet wound to the head, but real injuries all over… You are deemed a victim of the Rejects by HPD and you come here and on Twitter, sporting what appears not even to be a tattoo but an actual knife scar in their name, flame on with people and magically they’re all good?”

Xena: “Listen, what can I say? They been so nice to me that I ain’t got no words. Rhys, Espi, Jarrah and Mister P are the most amazing people I have met, ever in my whole life and put it all under my name. It’s absolutely fine. I mean, my life has a new beginning now that I am like, hanging out with them and stuff, mhmm…”

Cautious? Cagey? Coerced? I didn’t really have much else to add here at this point! This was not how I was expecting it to go… Readers, I was hoping for more, much more, to help with the kind of things I work on, but there you have it. Xena had a story and she was sticking to it and in her story, everything was flowers and rainbows and she was just a happy girl.

This typifies how things worked in Hathian sometimes… I was tempted to probe more, but if Xena wanted to say it then I’d print it and anyway, before we could discuss anymore, our interview was interrupted by this man, in a mask, with a knife!

Hades Appears

Hades, who talked of Hornets and Bees and death… interrupted the interview

Likely crazy, or at least on some kind of substance Hades appeared and started to appear quite dangerous to us. He didn’t seem open to discussions, instead talking about bees and hornets, death and stings. It was really quite scary… So it was very fortunate that HPD were able to assist and subdue Hades, leaving Xena and myself to leave without injury. Maybe in the future I’ll have to find out or research this Hades character, but hopefully at a safe distance and perhaps with bars in between us!

I don’t think I’ve seen Hades before in town, but others, including Nessie have given plenty of thoughts… calling him out for some really bad shit. You can view some of this here if you’re friends with her, but also it crops up elsewhere as well… For sure someone to avoid and be safe around.

Expect that over the Christmas period that the strangeness around Hathian continues, but I for one readers intend to travel out for a few weeks, get some rest and relaxation and put the meagre savings I now have to good use by being away from this stuff. There are a couple of big scoops waiting to go… so do stay tuned to the Observer and I hope you have a lovely festive period, whatever your gang affiliation.

See you next time, hopefully with a clearer story! – GBTL

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