Stop The Press! Bomb stops presses at Observer

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By Joanne Steel

A huge explosion ripped through the offices of the Hathian Observer on Thursday, and while it may have stopped the newspaper offices from being used for the time being, as you can see it has not dampened the spirit of our reporters, who will continue to report the news locally from their own personal computers for the next few days until the building has been checked by the Hathian Fire Department for possible structural damage after the bomb blast.

The building has been left standing though the windows and entrance have been blocked due to worries about the condition of the old building plus investigators will need to gather evidence. As of the time of writing details are sketchy and we are awaiting further clarification, but it is believed the explosion was caused by yet another parcel ‘Christmas Gift’ which had been left at the Observer and opened by a member of staff. There is no information on casualties though we run a small staff so it is possible the building may have been empty at the time of the explosion and will endeavor to update this story as as soon as possible. In another story which we will cover separately our star reporter Daiyu Tang was also kidnapped though this is believed to be a completely unrelated incident which coincided with the attack on the Observer Offices, and she has since been released.

It is currently not believed that Ms. Tang’s previous Observer story was responsible for this attack and we have, as have other businesses in the area, been randomly targeted in this ongoing domestic terror attack against local business.

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