New Face at the Hathian Observer!

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By Carole King (Caro1eBaskin Resident)

The headline says it all. Here I am, Carole King, Reporter for the Hathian Observer! I wanted to write this article for a few reasons. First to introduce myself as Hathian’s newest reporter and someone that is going to get the answers for you. With my inside contacts and connections, I feel like my ability to get the juicy stories y’all want will be unmatched!

Second, I’m sure y’all are wondering if the rumors about me getting fired from the Hathian Police Department are true… well are they? I won’t get into details here, but Hathian Police Department has a new enemy, ME! They falsified documents to indicate me in some missing funds case that is still being investigated by the supposed department ‘brass’. You want to know the real story? I’m going to spill it!

I was fired because I was bringing too much heat to the job. I was rattling the structure of the city and no one could handle it. Hathian Police couldn’t handle Carole King! Well I hope they can handle me now! Now that I have a press pass and my First Amendment rights! That’s right, Hathianites!! I’m working for y’all now!

So what can you expect from me in the coming months? I want to revamp some of the old investigations other great reporters have started. Earlier this year Reporter Tarja Olzon wrote an article about the dangerous Hopper family. The Hoppers have continued to harass the streets of Hathian Parish and even the offices of the Observer. Look for more articles about this sick family coming soon.

Please call me, Carole King, at the Hathian Observer offices if you have any stories you wish to be investigated! I’m on your side, and I promise you answers!

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