Taphouse Holds Reopening

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A grand reopening event was held for The Hathian Taphouse in District 8 on July 17, 2021. The event was intended to celebrate the reopening of the bar after it closed for renovations. The Hathian Taphouse is a bar that provides people with an affordable place for food and drinks.

Gen Morgan, Taphouse manager, said the renovation was a lengthy one because the owner, Jimmy Goldstein, wanted to completely redo the bar. Morgan said, “It took time for us to redecorate the place to his standards, [and] find new staff, as some of the old employees had moved on to other places. We also had the challenge of finding some new suppliers and coming up with a new marketing style for the bar.”

The renovation showcased the physical changes to the bar, as well as a restructuring of the menu. Items on the menu range from potato skins and chicken wings to salads, sandwiches, steaks, and more. In addition, the menu features desserts such as Death by Chocolate, The Scream (ice cream), and The Tangiest (Key Lime pie). The drink menu has expanded as well, and Morgan said, “Our bartenders can make you almost any cocktail in existence.”

The newly renovated bar is now more stylish than ever, with a brand of class that’s rare for Hathian. In addition to the bar area with plenty of seating, there are individual tables for more private dining. Other features of the new Taphouse include a DJ booth, a pool table, and luxurious couches. During the event, everyone who brought in a flyer received a free drink, all other drinks were 50% off, and menu samples were free. DJ Poppy provided the music.

According to Morgan, who first started at the Taphouse as a bartender a year ago, the original owners of the bar were Sophia Vyper and Delphine Lee Warpath. Jeremiah Yates owned the bar after that, and Goldstein bought the business in March of this year. His intention was to open a place with quality food for reasonable prices, as a way to give back to the community he’s come to love.

Goldstein plans to hold future events that feature Indie music from, as he said, “…small artists, etc, that want to make a buck and gain a platform within Hathian.” Karaoke will also be available. Morgan added that the bar is looking to hire additional staff. Those who are interested in applying can do so at the Taphouse or by reaching out to Morgan (@Unashamedly_Gen) via Twitter.

The Hathian Taphouse is located on the corner of Hathian HWY and District 8 Ave., just down the road from the firehouse.

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