How to stay warm, when its chilly.

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It’s chilly outside this time of year, so the question is how to stay warm in Hathian? Following these simple guidelines might help you to stay out of the sickbed.

Warm yourself.

It is easy to change your body temperature, instead of having a fortune laid at your doorstep by the heat bill, try to add an extra layer of cloths. An underlayer of a thermal shirt and leggings are both comforting and keeps the cold away.

Wear a hat or earmuffs.

You know how moms use to harangue us constantly when we were young about wearing winter head gear when going outside? Well it’s not just out of paranoia, a person loses a lot of body heat from unprotected ears and their face, easy way to solve this is by wearing some earmuffs or a warm beanie, yes it might look ridiculous but is better than catching a cold.. Better yet for the fashionable, a scarf can add to your winter style.Keep Your Hands and Feet Warm

Other things that our mom’s bugged us about are gloves and winter socks, well our body prioritizes warming important organs first that is why you feel the cold hit your hands and feet first. Wear dense woolly socks and boots. You may also wear two layers of socks yes it might not be the zenith of fashion but who cares as long as you are warm! When its chilly wear a pair of mittens, they keep you warm and look cute, though in harsh winter you need to consider winter leather gloves with a heat insulator.

Cold Showers

Some of you might think I shall take a hot shower, that shall warm you up. That is true but that is just a short-term solution. Take cold showers; they help your blood circulate through your body better, which improves your overall heat.

Insulate your home.

Block drafts, by pressing towels against your doors. Another good way to insulate your home, is if your not wearing tank tops in and thin clothes in the winter your windows should not either! Replace your summer curtains with winter ones, fleece and heavy wool work wonder to keep the cold outside your house. And if you’re feeling cheap, just throw a blanket over your window.

In the end, I shall leave you with some little tidbits, spice up your life with spicy food, yes they do help you warm up. Holding a hot cup of coffee in your hands helps. Add more layers to your covers before you go to bed, and layer up your clothing like an onion! Stay warm out there Hathian!

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