Officer seriously injured in bar altercation

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REPORTED BY: Deathly Fright

DATELINE: Hathian, Sunday 2/4/2018

At Lou’s Bar, located in Hathian, there was an altercation between an on-duty Hathian Police Department officer and other patrons. The officer and a suspect were injured in the altercation. The officer sustained a stab wound, a concussion, several heavy contusions, and an injured leg. When the Observer arrived at the scene, it also looked like the suspect had sustained a foot injury. Reports from the scene also noted that the officer looked drugged, but his behavior may have also been from a head trauma.

The officer involved was Corporal Big Lebowski. The suspect injured was named by the HPD as Leighanne Thomas. The other suspects named were Xelan Morgath and Ming Yheng who remain wanted for their part in the crime. According to Lieutenant Sal Rejos, “They are both well known to the police and should be considered armed and dangerous. Members of the public should not approach them, but should contact the police by dialing 911 if they see them or know where they may be.”

In a statement to the Observer, Corporal Lebowski, stated he was accosted by the three women while doing a normal safety check of the bar. According to the Corporal, he was attacked for reasons unknown to him. Lieutenant Rejos confirmed that they had closed circuit TV recordings of the incident and that they confirmed the reports from story that Corporal Lebowski gave. They will be sending the footage to an independent organization for verification.

According to one citizen, whose name is being withheld for their own safety, said they had walked in and saw both the suspect apprehended and the officer unconscious on the ground in a pool of blood. The citizen then called in the scene over the downed officer’s own radio. HPD officers¬† were slow to arrive though due to another issue across the city involving firearms.¬†Leighanne Thomas was apprehended and taken to the Hathian City Jail to await arraignment. The officer was taken the Hathian General Hospital.

Officer Jaz from the HPD had this comment shortly after the assault happened, “A cop got hurt in the line of duty attempting arrest. We do not know the extent of his injuries nor have we even had time to review the videos from the CCTV.” She further reiterated that he was acting in the line of duty. Clearly, Corporal Lebowski is in the thoughts of the HPD.

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