Assailant Explains Adachi Not Kogarashi

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It has been on Twitter. It has been in the paper. The speculation that the Adachi family was somehow in tandem with the Kogarashi. But as this reporter caught wind, someone came forward to not only talk, but also to explain that the Adachi family are a separate entity from the Kogarashi gang. As stated, there had been some speculation and question if the Adachi Family and the Kogarashi were together. And through the confusion and lasting chaos that hit the streets of Hathian, a certain video blogger, Feral Clary, had uploaded a rather scathing attack on the Kogarashi, with OSMC at one point on skype of an unknown member that went by the name ‘Papa’. But after the call and near the wrap up of the video, three masked people came out behind the unsuspecting Feral. These assailants were brandishing bats and the like. The camera was then knocked down after hearing a pained Feral, the three staring down at her through their masks. One clearly identifiable voice came out with ‘It’s Adachi, you bitch’, though upon new discovery, it turns out that Lolli, not a member of the Adachi, admitted to being with them when they attacked Feral at her house. And I had the opportunity to speak with her, and this was what was said:

Dravonicci: “Good to see you, Lolli. It seems that we have much to discuss… And of which I’d like to start with apologizing… It just seemed too coincidental that as Feral was speaking out against the Kogarashi, that the Adachi family came up and abducted her. So perhaps we can start on how the Adachi came to be within the city of Hathian?”

Lolli: “Good to see you too, Damien. Hmm… Well the Adachi family and the Gang, Kogarashi, are completely separate and both have their own reasons to want Feral. Her first video highlighted the Family, Mainly Ori Adachi, with the whole kidnapping of Officer North and the little game they played with her. Not to mention the whole wake Ori was trailing behind him. He didn’t really hide it… Whatever reasons Kogarashi have for wanting Feral is on them. I has no clue since I do not know any of their Members. Almost seems like a lump of a bunch of Asians together Damien. And Well, I am not an Adachi. I wouldn’t know that, Damien.”

Dravonicci: “So… If you are not Adachi, why do you reach out? Wouldn’t it be better if a Member of the Adachi Family came to me, if they had a problem with my last article? As you said, you’re not a member of the Adachi… I’m just trying to wrap my mind around how you are involved and why you seem to have a care for this. And I’m not trying to lump anyone in with anyone else. I thought I saw a pattern. And to look at it from my point of view, it just seemed very closely related between the Adachi and Kogarashi. And the thoughts of the OSMC being in the mix of both, curiously with the HPD’s attack on the OSMC. I can only assume that they were allied in some way. But, if it’s not the case, and it looks like I’m lumping together others, then I say the patterns were lumped.”

My meaning in this was simple. If it looked like they were together by others then I hoped they couldn’t fault me for thinking the same way.

“But I am in the mindset that the Adachi was trying not only to make a point of how to pronounce their name properly with Feral. Otherwise, I’m sure you’d have just left it at the bashing of her in her home, when clearly anyone could make that Faux pas.  Were there other reasons for the attack? And can you see how I came to that conclusion?”

Lolli: “I reached out because, one, I was there, and to imply the Kogarashi had something to do with it did not sit well with me. Two, both of the other adachi family members who were there are currently sitting in jail at the HPD. Kind of hard for them to reach out. I am involved simply because.. I am. I have spent time with some of the Adachi family and have come to simply find beauty in their Chaos. -You forget, to many of them, that name is everything and all. It is their home. So yes, I would say they would just attack her for the disrespect of not learning what you are reporting about. – As I said, The Adachi are a family, not hitmen. Not a gang. And I highly doubt that a gang here in Hathian would need to hire out for something like that.. It wouldn’t make them much of a gang, would it? You have your own way of putting things together, I am not going to put you down for that, I am simply here to help correct the error.”

Dravonicci: “And Feral? Does the Adachi still have her held captive? Do you have her still held captive? If the two other members of the family are in jail, is it due to the attack on Feral? Or is it possibly for other charges? – That being said, The Adachi Family was more caught up in the mispronunciation of their name, rather than the horrendous things she was saying on her Youtube channel? Are the Adachi the type of people that if someone accidentally mispronounces it on the street, they’d go after them? Or is Feral a special case?”

Lolli: “Can’t say I have been in touch with the HPD to see. I mean, that’s part of it, also, yes, the way she spoke of them on her videos; Ori was not happy about it. As for people on the street. I simply cannot say what they’d[Meaning Adachi Family] do. I don’t think they would just drag someone off. But I’m sure they wouldn’t just sit and say nothing either. And Yes and no. Feral is tucked away somewhere until I release her.”

Dravonicci: “I see…Is she still alive? Or.. were you wanting to leave no witnesses to your deed. If there is one thing I know, People do things for specific reasons. As for the reason Feral Clary was taken was merely what she said about Ori and how she mispronounced that Family name. Which I can understand to being extremely irritating. I’ll admit I never watched any of her blogs prior to the one that was posted by Kogarashi. That being said it seemed too close for comfort to be believed that it wasn’t a tandem effort, if you catch my meaning. By the by, will Feral Clary need to be hospitalized?”

Lolli: “It was not posted by the Kogarashi. Chasity uploaded it, please.. the reason I reached out is because they had NOTHING to do with this. Why would I spill every little reason for us taking her? For every reason the Adachi Family wanted her. That just takes away all the fun. And as for how will she be when she is released, Well I guess everyone will just have to wait for that.”

Dravonicci: “I get that now, I’m just suggesting it was coincidental. And Chasity may have uploaded it to Youtube… But it was the Kogarashi whom I saw post it on Twitter.  Acting as though it was a tandem effort. I’m not saying Adachi agrees with this. Just that Kogarashi have been trying to possibly make it as their own? The credit for the attack on Feral is the Adachi. And will remain the Adachi as they seem to have done it all. The kidnapping, the possible torture, and the implications that she may need to be hospitalized.  Is there anything else you’d like to add to the people of Hathian?”

Lolli: “We uploaded it onto Feral’s Twitter.. and they retweeted it. And yes, All of this was the Adachi Family and myself.”

There you have it, dearest reader. The Adachi are not with the Kogarashi. The Kogarashi are a separate entity, and in closing I suggest the people of Hathian to be sure to be mindful of those in the minority… You never know what might set them off. Stay Safe… Until Next time.

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