Shooting at the HPD

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By: Michiaki Yamaguchi, Youth Reporter Photo
Hathian Squad car police chase in the city.

What had started as a fairly quiet evening had turned violent around 9 p.m. on the evening of November 17th, when two armed perpetrators—one male and one female—entered the lobby of the Hathian Police Department and opened fire. During the attack, which had been seemingly unprovoked, the two entered the HPD lobby and exchanged words with an officer before gunfire began.

The first victim injured in these attacks was an unknown female civilian, who managed to narrowly escape further gunfire. After the first few initial shots were fired, Szuyuan arrived to the HPD and barricaded the entrance with his police SUV. Then, after taking cover alongside Officer Scorch Meyer, things seemingly came to a standstill, until the male attacker stepped out of his hiding place and opened fire on the officers. A total of four shots were fired from the male gunman before he ended up being shot as well, twice from what our sources have been told. The two gunmen were arrested once the attacks had ceased and are currently in HPD custody.

After some digging, the identities of the two gunmen were discovered to be one Kiryu Hideyoshi, 30, and his wife, Voltiel Hideyoshi, 29. The pair have been making quite a stir around town over the last few months, according to public records. Mr. Hideyoshi had been named as one of the ringleaders of September’s fogging attacks, as well as the slew of grave robberies that had struck the local cemetery in mid-September. Mrs. Hideyoshi, on the other hand, had been arrested in early October for burying a HPD police officer alive.

The two’s crimes haven’t seemed to correlate with one another thus far, and the the nature of their various crimes seem to be very bizarre, to say the very least. Couple this vicious attack in with the fact that Mr. Hideyoshi, who has been tied into the religious group we are now referring to as The Order, one can’t help but wonder if this crime was religiously-fueled, or if there was another underlying motive behind it. As of now, however, not too many details are known about this attack otherwise, including a motive.

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