Opinion: The media WILL NOT be silenced (freedom of the press or suppression of the truth)

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Recently I have had numerous problems both legal and personal, some of it is because of my profession and the simple fact that the press in this city are held in such low regard by some, especially the Hathian Police Department. They believe the press should be silenced and intimidated when it tries to report on their acts of brutality and harassment against the citizens of Hathian, or like any playground bully, HPD only goes after the weakest individuals in our community, the poor, the new settlers from other states and other countries, the disenfranchised, the hard working people trying to survive on low incomes and increasing expenditures.

I firmly believe in the absolute truth, so if I see an injustice, I want to document it to record, whether it is video footage or audio footage of the event, so it can be uploaded or transcribed for those that are interest to reference. People in this city know about the corruption in public office, few if any truly trust the HPD or the elected officials that seem powerless, unwilling or unable to do something about the long term and while exposing stories of HPD wrong doings will come as nothing new to most never the less it is my job to report what I see, and that is what I have endeavored to do during my time with the Hathian Observer.

You may well have read both mine and my colleagues stories about our dealings with HPD, as well as be aware of the murder of a former Observer journalist by the HPD, if some reports are accurate, and it would seem increasingly likely they are given eye-witness reports recounting the events of this incident seem to all tell a similar disturbing story of it being an execution of our former colleague.  Our only crime is trying to report the news as it happens, as it is seen, for others to know exactly what is going on in this city, and the fact that we are increasingly documenting criminal acts by officers. The HPD are not as they would have you believe, fabricated stories or ‘fake news’, but issues of incidents being seen, heard of experienced by members of the staff of this newspaper, they do not believe in our constitutional rights to free speech, they do not believe in the freedom of the press.

I have been framed for multiple offenses by the HPD, my only crime is to trying to do my job by trying to report the news, and making a few statements of opinion and off the cuff jokes, one of which has been edited to for the basic of the false evidence they are currently trying to use against me.  I am concerned for my life but I am still committed to clearing my name and exposing the truth and detailing the corruption of HPD.

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