Adult Learning at Seaside

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In efforts to better the community of Hathian, various Sheltered Hearts staff including this reporter and manager Alyssa Welcher got together with Seaside Youth Center’s own Principal Mr. Calum Buchanan to work out a new program for Adults to obtain a high school education.

Every Thursday at 3:30 pm (SLT) Mr. Buchanan will be holding a HiSET course located within the Youth Center. There are no fee’s for this course.

Buchanan states, “The only fees are the ones for the exam itself, which is $90 in all and you pay them when you schedule the test so, if you know you’re going to schedule your exam in, say, six months, you’ve got six months to get the $90 together for it.”

Held in a classroom setting the courses held are open to the public for attendance. All adults who are interested in obtaining the necessary tools for furthering their education are encouraged to contact Buchanan or Seaside Youth Center directly for more information. Currently no online courses are available directly from Seaside, however Buchanan is able to provide resources and information in learning more of other online courses available.

(( OOC: Please feel free to contact Calum Buchanan (reservedturtle) for additional information! ))

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